More than $550k in drugs, cash and property seized in ACT

More than $550k in drugs, cash and property seized in ACT
A seven-day ACT Police operation has uncovered more than $550,000 worth of 'ice', plus other illicit drugs, large amounts of cash and proceeds of crime.

29 raids across Canberra resulted in the arrest of eight people - all facing drug-related charges and four facing property-related offences.

One raid over the past week uncovered a clandestine laboratory used for making drugs.

As well as a large amount of 'ice', Police seized heroin, cocaine, cannabis, MDMA tablets, plus three fake guns and four tasers.

A house, car and more than $179,000 in cash were seized, believed to be the proceeds of crime.

Detective Senior Constable John Callaghan insists the busts have taken a large amount of life-destroying drugs off the streets.

"The impacts of methamphetamine on communities are well documented and ACT Policing is committed to targeting this illicit drug trade," he said.

"Drug traffickers show no regard for the wellbeing of the community. They profit from the vulnerabilities of others and destroy families and lives."

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