Pimps on Prostitution

By Christopher Rice   
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Chris n Tiff

I've been a pimp for over six years now. I have never laid one hand on any one that I've worked with. I don't beat my girls. I've always considered that bad for business because a trick will look at those black and blue marks and either think that's it's okay to beat on my girl or call the police, "to rescue her".

Pimps that beat their women do so because they don't know the first thing about pimping. Like a bad cop who uses violence because he hasn't received the necessary training and know how, to de escalate violent situations.

If pimping was just feeding someone drugs and/or beating someone than any asshole could be a pimp. If you really think it's that easy try it, I bet you'll fail.

There is no pimp manual.

I've also never worked with any underage women/girls. I think that only pimps that are pedophiles themselves would work with someone who is too young to even rent a room.

Pimps, believe this or not are protectors. Unless the pimp dumps his girl on a corner or in a room and runs off to sell dope or some other hustle. A lot of pimps deal drugs on the side to supply their own habits and/or those of his girls. That is not to say that all working girls or pimps are on drugs. The best girls that I ever worked with were college educated and the hardest drug they'd ever  had was doctor prescribed Norco (pain pill).

Pimps also pay the bills. I will always remember everyone asking "Naomi" why she gave all of her money to me. Her answer was quick, without thinking and so simple. She always replied: "he buys me everything that I need before I even have to ask for it, so what do I need money for?" I never asked for all of the money or a percentage. The girls that live with me always give me all of their earnings, regardless where it comes from. The girls that don't live with me, give me half. And I've never asked or demanded a cent. I also don't have quotas for any one.

Most men complain about living with one woman, try three or four sometime.
None of the women that I've worked with have had periods though. Either because they were taking a birth control shot like Depo Provera that stops their periods for three months or they were just turning fifty years old and no longer having periods.

Woman always choose me. My reputation precedes me and woman ask me if I have work for them, not the other way around. Most of the women that I've worked with did this to support their children and/or to escape an abusive marriage/relationship, not to support a drug habit.

People complain about welfare all the time but these girls don't receive a dime from the government. And they keep their kids housed, clothed and educated. All the while fearing a government/police sting and their pictures going on the evening news and their families having to hear everything.

The girls that I've worked with have all had the same two complaints about me: 1.) that I make it too easy and that 2.) I'm too nice. But whenever I ask 'em "should I stop being so nice?" They always say the same thing, "No, I like it."

A couple of girls tried to be independent but quickly returned complaining they didn't have the same drive. They'd rent the room, post the ad by themselves but not feel like working. Instead they'd hang out in the room or by the pool texting their friends.

Out of the forty women that I've worked with about half were also my girlfriends. Another famous quote of Naomi's is "tell that bitch that you're with that she ain't special, 'cuz you spoil everyone like that."

Everything was going great until all the stings on Backpage. Don't get me wrong, I beat stings all the time and even wrote an article to help clients beat prostitution stings. The problem didn't happen until they went after the johns/clients and put their pictures on the evening news. Then my phones stopped ringing and the clients I use to have that drove Mercedes Benz and BMWs got scared. They all have nice jobs, nice homes and nice families. Yes, about 99% of our clientele is married.

Then I lost my phone with my contacts and wasn't able to get the same number. Then the phone started ringing again with what I call the curious window looker. He's heard about Backpage thanks to the prostitution/police stings and the local news and decided to give it a try. These guys drive Chevys and Hondas and can't pay nearly what we're use to. Nor is it enough to pay for rooms, phones and ads and still show a profit that makes it worth a felony. I get paid for my felonies.

So, I created XTC (http://xtcporno.com/) for alternative lifestyles. It does not matter if you are rich or poor. The site is free to access. There are free sex parties listed across the US. As well as escorts in all price ranges, from Craigslist to Backpage to Eros type escorts. The difference is that all of the escorts are reviewed, verified and there are no LE stings or undercover police ads on my site.  

Also, unlike Ashley Madison, all of the women on XTC have phone numbers and can be called directly, usually 24/7. In other words, no fake profiles. Also, we do not collect members information, so your info can not be hacked or used against you.

I'm still putting the site together so if there's something you'd like to see, that isn't on there yet just drop us a line.

As far as clients, I've never had one do anything to disrespect any of the women I've worked with. They are typically polite, young, hung and horny. And before all of the stings, most of my clients wore a suit and a tie and were extremely professional. I only had one client attempt to stiff a girl for twenty dollars. He was suppose to pay her 200. but only gave her 180. when I walked out to his Ferrari that he was just getting into, I explained the problem, he produced another 20. and quickly apologized.

A lot of our clients have left tips for the girls though too. And we have many repeat customers. And believe it or not I also protect my clients from unscrupulous women who just want to rob a trick.

Then the FBI, DHS and ICE started seizing websites and arresting owners. (From MyRedbook to Rentboy to MegaUpload to Pirate Bay.) I had one of my sites pulled down by WordPress and Blogger, twice. Underground America Inc. is back online. How to beat CPS, DEA, FBI, NSA, the police and how to go invisible online, for free. How to beat any drug test or police sting, plus how to download college textbook PDF files for free and much more.

So you can take everything that you think you know about pimps and crumbling it into a little ball, stick it into a thimble and still have room left over. The only time that you ever hear about pimps is like everything else. You never hear of the teacher that gets up, goes to work and does their job. The only time we hear about teachers is when their raping our children. The same is true for LE. The only time we hear about cops is when they beat someone up or kill someone. And the same is true for pimps, you only hear about the bad ones. When a pimp beats a woman or sells an underage girl. Otherwise, the media is silent. But those that know the least always have the most to say.

Funny, most people have never met a real pimp, yet you think you know all about us. How white of you.  

The stings changed the game. Many websites have been taken down. But no matter what they try and tell you, the oldest profession is not going to stop. LE hasn't stopped anyone from using drugs and won't stop anyone from getting laid. XTC is your friend, sorry LE, you can look all that you want but you can't touch this!

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