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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Police target customers in prostitution sting

By Joleen Ferris

UTICA, NY - Utica Police say seven men and one woman are under arrest after a "reverse prostitution" sting where officers attempt to curb the crime by cutting off the demand and targeting the individuals seeking the services from prostitutes. Charges include prostitution, loitering for the purpose of engaging in prostitution and patronizing a prostitute.

Arrested were:                                                                    
1) Shacoya Lanaux (age 26) of Park Ave., Utica, NY, 13501
2) Lang Soth (age 33) of Noyes St., Utica, NY
3) Joseph DeGeorge (age 20) of Deland Dr., Utica, NY
4) Mohamed Osman (age 27) of Leeds St., Utica, NY
5) Robert Drummond (age 59) of Mcinty Rd., Frankfort, NY
6) Abdul R. B. Abdullah (age 29) of Genesee St., Utica, NY
7) Michael M. Brown (age 55) of Elmwood Circle, Frankfort, NY
8) Richard W. Sylvester (age 55) of Stark St., Utica, NY

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The charges are:
1) Shacoya Lanaux- Loitering for the Purpose of Engaging in Prostitution and Prostitution,
2) Lang Soth- Patronizing a Prostitute 3rd Degree,
3) Joseph DeGeorge- Patronizing a Prostitute 3rd Degree,
4) Mohamed A. Osman- Patronizing a Prostitute 3rd Degree,
5) Robert Drummond- Patronizing a Prostitute 3rd Degree,
6) Abdul R. B. Abdullah- Patronizing a Prostitute 3rd Degree,
7) Michael M. Brown- Patronizing a Prostitute 3rd Degree, and
8) Richard W. Sylvester- Patronizing a Prostitute 3rd Degree.

Police say an undercover female officer was used as the 'prostitute' in the sting.

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