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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Politicians LOVE Prostitutes

By Christopher Rice

The government shouldn't be locking up consenting adults for choosing to engage in consensual behavior. Along as prostitution is completely illegal, the harms of it will greatly outweigh it being legalized. Brothels in Nevada that are legal don't have STD cases or underage girls. Or battered women. Legalize it and get the sex cops out of people's lives.

Government Officials caught in Prostitution scandals
DEA Chief resigns amid prostitution scandal

Minnesota Human Services administrator charged in St. Paul prostitution sting

The Navy's bribery and prostitution scandal is even worse than it looks

DEA Chief Explains Why She Can't Fire Agents Involved in Sex Parties Paid for by Drug Cartels

Sex at sea: US Navy officer guilty of procuring prostitutes

GOP Not Sorry For Attacking Sen. Ayotte Over Aide's Prostitution Arrest

Attorney General to agents, officers, prosecutors: Prostitutes are off limits 4/10/2015

Former Jersey City fire inspector sentenced for taking bribes from prostitution businesses 4/8/2015

New Hampshire Senator's staffer resigns after prostitution arrest 4/6/2015

DEA agents had sex parties with prostitutes hired by drug cartels. 3/26/2015

Report: New York AG criminal investigation of Thruway includes possible prostitution scandal

Army Sergeant Sentenced to 2 Years for Organizing Prostitution Ring at Fort Hood Base

Dan Rosen, State Department counterterrorism director, busted for soliciting minor for sex

Crist's Strip Club Supporter Linked to 'Rampant Drug Dealing and Prostitution'

Investigator in Secret Service prostitution scandal resigns after being implicated in own prostitution incident

City council member faces the public for first time since prostitution arrest

Legalizing prostitution could remove the need for pimps. It could help law enforcement prosecute human trafficking more efficiently and remove thousands of children from terrible exploitative positions without sentencing them to detention. It could create a legal market for those who solicit sexual services but not enforce the misery of others. If we can look past our antiquated morality, we could see the wisdom of this change.

1. It can be taxed
2. It can be regulated
3. Sex workers can be screened for diseases
4. It would cut the economics right out from under organized crime.
5. For many unskilled/uneducated would give them a way to support themselves legally
6. As long as there are men and women...there will be men willing to pay...and women willing to accept money for sex. To think otherwise is delusional.
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