Prostitutes on Prostitution

Brandi R
Hello to all,

I would just like to comment on some of the things that are being said here. Has anyone read the ad’s that this reporter is bashing? The author is trying to make it look like she is two different people when in fact the name ”call sunshine” is the same. Good reporting there ;(

Craigslist does charge for ads, they are not proofed or altered, the mistakes stay the same. Craigslist and Backpage have both taken on a lot of publicity because people are not safe, and females on there do not properly do their research. So all in all the website is deemed bad, not the people on it.

For the CL hater, CL didn’t ruin someone’s marriage or break them up! It’s called free will. If someone isn’t happy they go look somewhere else. The website didn’t call the unhappy person, the unhappy person went looking and made a call.

Call me what you want but the facts are there, plain as the nose on your face. No one makes someone cheat, or breaks up a relationship. Sometimes things don’t work out and you can’t blame the working girl for something that you could of done.

Please people I urge you to think before you act, and insert your foot into your own mouth. Can anyone say Awww??? Give men their freedom to choose who they want and when they want!

Relations between two people happen, no matter if it’s on the internet, in a bar or even paid for. What females choose to do with their bodies is up to them. And where men choose to seek these females out to satisfy their needs is up to them. Which brings me to one final point. No one is forcing you to seek out relations or causing you to pull up websites and look for females. The information is there only if you, the person goes looking for it! So stop and think about it the next time you go and bash someone for what they do. Is it them that has the problem, or is it you being unhappy and seeking things to complain about?

The Working Class 😉 😉


I can’t believe that people are still responding to this post. Now I don't feel so bad for doing so.

To any one bashing the females who do this, you're in a sad unrealistic little world that only exist in your own head. Prostitution is the oldest profession.

99% of men cheat. How can you blame a female for ruining your relationship?

Men like sex plain and simple. How many times have you fucked your man this week? That is why prostitution exists.

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Think about it this way. You should be thanking prostitutes. All those nights when your man is begging you to suck his cock, and you're making a million excuses, its the prostitute who is doing it for you and abating the tension in your mans life. If you gave him pussy only when you please he’d probably get so backed up he’d punch you in the face and divorce you and you’re marriage would be over anyway. Prostitutes allow for your husband to appreciate the good things in you because if you didn't give him pussy better believe he’d hate you.

How do I know? I ask all my married customers (99%, take it from me), and they all say they hate their bitchy wives who don't fuck 'em. Simple.

Any one who has a regular job is selling their damn body, skills, and labor. Just as we do. Lingerie models don't get slack about parading their pussy print in teeny underwear. If men didn't like sex then lingerie models wouldn't exist. We wouldn't care about underwear. We’d be content with grandma drawers because we wouldn't have to impress men.

Its an “adult” job. Its not the best, its not the worst. Be happy that a lot of women who would have been on welfare are supporting themselves and their children, instead of living off of your tax dollars.

A lot of women work “regular” jobs and then brag about how their not selling their ass but then still have to depend on the government for food stamps or housing.

Anyway, I’m done. Its a pretty cyclical argument that will never end just like the debate over whether there is a god or not. Obviously Kam has been hurt, but your man stuck his dick in a chick and no one put a gun to his head. You talk about breaking the law but EVERY ONE does…stop acting like you don't.


Well I am one of these women and know several women that do what I do. And I can tell you that we are not all drug addicts. I’ve never done drugs a day in my life.. I have a college education as well. And I make more doing this than with my masters.

    Okay, first off,
I am an escort. I started doing this because I was living in a house with two other people. I moved in with a guy and his girlfriend. She moved out without notice. And he wasn't paying rent any longer 'cuz he started doing heroin, so i had to kick him out.

I was stuck with a lease, paying $1800. a month which I could not afford waiting tables. I had nowhere to go.

I looked in the paper and saw an ad for "models, dancers, and massage girls wntd up to $2000. a week, no exp. req." I answered that ad and it turned out to be private massages with happy endings.

Physically it was easy work. And I got use to it mentally. Now I can pay my rent without roommates and I have my own vehicle and if it wasn't for prostitution, I'd be homeless and no one would care. Not one of these goody too shoe Christians telling you not to sell your body 'cuz it's wrong. No, they wouldn't lift a finger to help any homeless person.

I even went to the state for help but since I'm not pregnant and don't have children they said they couldn't help me. I tried every program that I could find for housing, one rejected me because my eviction notice was over 90 days old. The rest said because I was 30 years old and didn't have kids that they didn't even have any programs/help for me.

So lets get this straight, I do not call your man, he calls me. Even before I started working as a prostitute married men would try to get my number, only to try to screw me. I don't want your gifts or vacations or dinners or movies, that is still all yours. I don't want that drama or that mess, all that I want is money. Which you should be grateful for because if he was having an affair on the side, a regular girl friend, she'd want a lot more.

So next time, instead of gettin' all pissy at your ol' man, just hand him a hundred dollar bill and tell him to go get that piece of ass he keeps staring at on the corner. Than tell him you're going to get those cute pumps that you've had your eye on. Then you can both live happily ever after and fuck Ashley Madison.

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