Prostitution scam

A man and woman in Gates are accused of posting ads on, offering prostitution, but then stealing from johns.
Nicole H. Sidoti, age 26, is charged with prostitution, attempted petit larceny and conspiracy and Nathaniel Dean, age 31, is charged with attempted petit larceny and conspiracy.
 Nicole Sidoti
Nicole Sidoti
According to our news partner, News10NBC, Gates police say the pair posted on the escort section on Backpage. An undercover officer responded and went to Sidoti's apartment. The officer says Sidoti agreed to perform a sexual act for money. She was arrested, as was her boyfriend who was taken into custody outside the apartment.
Police say Sidoti and Dean would lure johns to the apartment, agree to prostitution services. However, after money was exchanged, police say Sidoti would lock herself in the bathroom and Dean would come into the apartment and kick the "customer" out.
Officers say the pair admitted to performing the scheme "daily" with up to four customers a day. We're told officers became aware of the scam when a previous customer threatened to shoot the apartment up.
Both suspects were processed at the Gates Police Department. Sidoti was issued an appearance ticket and Dean was sent to Monroe County Jail on bail.

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