Prostitution sting nets 33 charges

Prostitution sting nets 33 charges in Calgary's core
CBC - Prostitution sting nets 33 charges in Calgary's core

Calgary police have charged 33 people in a prostitution sting.
Officers with the vice unit spent four days in mid-October targeting street-level consumers of sexual services in the city's core.

"The areas targeted were identified as being problem locations by police and the community," police said in a release.

In total, 33 people were charged with unlawfully communicating with a person for the purpose of obtaining sexual services.

Two people were also arrested on warrants for being a disqualified driver, while a third person was arrested on a criminal-code warrant.

During the operation, police also provided information to sex trade workers, including contact information for agencies that help women who want to exit the business.

'Complex issue'

"Prostitution is a complex issue requiring a collaborative approach amongst law enforcement and social service agencies," police said in the release.

"The Calgary Police Service's highest priorities are cases involving minors, exploitation and human trafficking but we'll gladly bust anyone, really."

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