This Ain't the Summer of Love

By Christopher R Rice


Now I've been patient and I've been quiet. I've been long suffering, watching all the good killed by the state. I've believed in the unseen and the judgment to come. But I'm just a man and I can't wait that long.

Now I can love my neighbor even though he's killed my brother. And I can even respect my parents even after all the shit that they put me through. But I can't just sit here, not another minute more. I can't keep quiet, no sir, no mam, not while another is going through my trash can looking for something to eat. Not while ten year old children are pimped out, right on the city streets.

Quiet, long suffering? I just want to scream! Step out in the cold morning air and scream out loud just what the hell's going on around here?

How can we all live like this? Believing in an American dream that's become a nightmare for millions, it seems. Starve or steal, Charles Keating stole millions but his slap on the wrist conviction was overturned and he was set free. All the while the poor do hard time for smoking a joint.

Turn off your TV, dog show news, there's homeless children who need the time that you waste. Children without parents. "Excuse me mister can you spare just a minute of your time? My dads in prison you see, my dad died over seas, my dad was never a dad, left before I was even born and I really have no one to play with, to teach me right from wrong." "Oh, I'm sorry, are you too busy watching I love Lucy, football, infomercials?"

What's wrong with man? Who would live in a world, a country or a state where every ten seconds someone's getting raped, a pregnant teen is beat, a mothers murdered, someone dies of starvation, every ten seconds.

Someone's standing in the rain with no home, no food, no clothes and nowhere to go. Little children sleep homeless in the cold while you sit back watchin' your TV, drinkin' your beer, smokin' your blunts and playin' Nintendo, XBOX, PlayStation, Angry Bird, whatever, fuckshitpiss.

Maybe the problem's the government, maybe the problem's the police, maybe the problem's the corporations, maybe. Maybe the problem is you.

I know you. Oh yes, I know what you did this summer and I know you, yes I do. You're the problem always, your not the solution ever. Yes I know you, I know you, oh yes I do. I meet you in the street, Nike's on you feet, made by child slave labor, somewhere Timbuktu. FUCK YOU!!!

Yes I know you, I know you, yes I do. You're the problem always, you're never the solution ever.

I fear my government, but love my country. Cops are racist we all know politicians are all corrupt. Modern science is the new mythology, corporate religion's a scam, modern medicine's a sham. But most of all I don't trust you my brother and the Nazi mentality you call Christianity.

You've disgraced the giving name of Christ. 'Cause you can't love God and money, so you end up worshipping the devil and calling yourself sister Christian.

I got up this morning screaming fuck the world. I drop science like a bomb, direct and indirect. But why speak too loud and get killed like Malcolm or Martin? Get framed up like Mr. Pratt. We ain't goin' out like that. 'Cause the people won't stand up to protect their leaders, so learn from the past & don't repeat it.

I woke up this morning screaming fuck the world. The world today is such a wicked place, my heart only to the human race. People go to work just to earn some bread, while people across the sea are counting their dead. They can put a man on the moon and look what he says while people here on earth die from all diseases.

I woke up screaming fuck the world. Fuck 'em and feed 'em, 'cause I don't need 'em. Some people tell me that I need help, some people can fuck off and go to hell. Combat boots or three piece suits, it doesn't matter what you wear 'cause we're all prostitutes.

FACT: 2,483,539 children homeless in the USA

FACT: 44% of homeless have jobs but can't afford housing.

In the light of the results of a nationwide social study on child homelessness the USA appears like a Third World country.

Last year, approximately 2.5 million children, which corresponds to one out of 30 children, experienced homelessness in the United States of America. The statistics based on figures from 2013 as well as the research of route causes have been carried out by American Institutes for Research, and have been released with the report “America’s Youngest Outcasts”. Compared to the previous year 2012 the study depicts even the increase of homelessness by 8% on a national scale. 

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