Underground Newz: Saudi-US vs.Syria-Russia

By Christopher R. Rice

The real reason for this conflict in Syria is because Assad will not let Saudi Arabia build their pipeline through Syria. Right now Russia is the largest energy supplier for Europe. And Saudi Arabia wants to build a pipeline through Syria and Turkey to supply Europe with natural gas which would take away Europe's dependence on Russian energy.

The US wants this pipeline to happen because it will make Russia financially weaker and also Saudi Arabia is a big ally to the US. This is also the reason for the lack of US involvement with fighting ISIS in Syria. The US was hoping that ISIS would take out Assad. Now Russia has stepped in and is bombing the hell out of ISIS which is protecting Assad and Russia's energy control while making them look really good for fighting terrorism. And this angers the US and Saudi Arabia, to no end.

ISIS and ISIL are funded and armed by the US and Saudi Arabia. And trained in the US terrorist training camps in Turkey by the Syrian border. These terrorists, that Russia is removing now, are responsible for 250,000 dead. And millions of refugees. US funded ISIS and rebels committed terrorist bombings, burned homes, did main street executions of police and Syrian town officials, raping of women, shot missiles into a university on exam day murdering over 80 young, gassed women and children to death, and the list goes on. And here is Turkey and Saudi claiming Assad is the bad guy, and Russia is wrong for killing terrorists. Seriously folks, we need to replace our entire US government and media, and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law for treason and international terrorism. 

There’s no way to overstate the Obama administration’s destructive and nihilistic role in Syria. Along with its Gulf allies, the US has funded, armed and trained the bulk of the jihadi hoodlums that have ripped the state apart and killed nearly one quarter of a million people. Now that Putin has decided to put an end to Washington’s savage proxy war, the administration is planning to add more fuel to the fire by air-dropping pallets of ammunition and weapons to their fighters in central and eastern Syria. The editors of the New York Times derided the program as “hallucinatory.” Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“…the White House on Friday unveiled a plan that is even more incoherent and fraught with risk.

The Pentagon will stop putting rebel fighters through training in neighboring countries, a program that was designed to ensure that fighters were properly vetted before they could get their hands on American weapons and ammunition. The new plan will simply funnel weapons through rebel leaders who are already in the fight and appear to be making some headway…..

Washington’s experience in Syria and other recent wars shows that proxy fighters are usually fickle and that weapons thrust into a war with no real oversight often end up having disastrous effects……..The initial plan was dubious. The new one is hallucinatory.” (“An Incoherent Syria War Strategy“, New York Times editorial Board)

What matters now is that the Russian-led coalition move fast to solidify their gains, disrupt enemy supply lines, block the exits, seal the borders and discourage Turkey from taking any action that would expand the war.

The jihadi mercenaries must either surrender or be wiped out as quickly as possible so that 11 million Syrians can return safely to their homes and begin the arduous task of starting over.

Turkey has said that they are prepared to send ground forces into Syria if the United States provided cover and support. And would create no-fly zones. That would be the beginning of Armageddon.

Turkish authorities have arrested 12 people for things they posted on Twitter about the bombing in Ankara that killed 99 people, according to Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu.

Remember, Saudi Arabia is an absolute monarchy. Saudi Arabia law is sharia, Islamic law and the Quran. No political parties or elections are allowed. Yet Saudi Arabia wants a political solution. Disposing of the elected president of Syria, Assad.

The Islamic State is pushing into new towns along the northern outskirts of Aleppo and Assad regime troops backed by hundreds of Iranian troops are pinching rebels in the city. The introduction the new foreign troops is the first overt deployment of Iranian combat forces of the civil war. “There are mobilizations by the regime in most parts of Aleppo,” a Syrian rebel commander told Reuters.

The Saudi-led intervention force in Yemen is deterring vessels from delivering humanitarian aid, according to a new report from the U.S. Navy that cited a warning broadcast to all commercial ships off the Yemeni coast. Fighting between Houthi rebels and the pro-government forces backed by the Saudi-led coalition continues: Airstrikes in Taiz and Bayda province killed 22 women and children.

NBC NEWS, a US based media organization says to have talked to some insurgent commanders in Afghanistan and Pakistan who have confirmed that hundreds of Taliban have diverted to Islamic States in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) or DAESH.

NBC NEWS claims to have talked to four insurgent commanders in Afghanistan who have said that a number of Taliban fighters have joined DAESH and more are talking about it.
Expect Chinese, Cuban, Israeli and EU troops to join in soon and start Armageddon.

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