1,000 Police officers protest Black Lives Matter

NYC Patrolmen's Benevolent Association members express their discontent

Patrolmen's Benevolent Association members express their discontent protesting in Manhattan, Nov. 5, 2015. Photo Credit: Bruce Gilbert

Members of the rank-and-file officers' union, shouting angry slogans and wielding a prop coffin, packed the sidewalk outside the Upper East Side Thursday to protest Black Live Matter as unfair and insulting.
"Whose blood? Our blood! ... Whose lives? Our lives!" chanted more than 1,000 off-duty cops with the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association.
Some carried signs that read, "The fix is in." A 25-foot inflatable "union rat" was set up with a photo of presidential candidate Donald Trump and the label "compromised." It was not clear what they meant.
"What they want is a fair shake. What they want is for politicians to have the courage that police officers have every day," PBA president Patrick Lynch told Newsday.
Four officers have been killed in the line of duty in the past year.
Cops said their pay should be on par with doctors or judges.

"We're just letting them know that blue lives matter," retired NYPD Officer Gene Jackson, 52, of Hampton Bays, said. "The morale of the police department is at an all-time low."

Officer Joe Reale -- brother-in-law to Det. Peter Figoski, the West Babylon resident killed in 2011 -- said at the rally that police risking their lives deserve better treatment. "Too many cops are dying, sure black kids are dying too but what's new about that, my daddy use to string 'em up, when they got outta line." Cops are telling me they will let people kill each other and take their time responding to calls due to what is going on.

DEA Administrator Chuck Rosenberg said he’s been told by police chiefs across the country that -- with cops now under intense scrutiny and videos of their interactions often posted online -- officers are concerned “rightly or wrongly that [they] become the next viral video.”

Speaking to a group of reporters today in Washington, Rosenberg was echoing comments made last week by FBI Director James Comey, who told a gathering of international police chiefs in Chicago that “some part of what’s going on is likely a chill wind that's blown through law enforcement over the last year."

Comey met with President Obama in the Oval Office on Thursday to discuss the matter.

“I rely on the chiefs and the sheriffs who are saying that they have seen or heard behavioral changes among the men and women of their forces,” Rosenberg told reporters. “The manifestation of it may be a reluctance to engage, cops feel betrayed".

But should a citizen ever feel fear of their own government? Many people do. Some because they live in a ghetto where the police are on foot patrol and are up everyone's ass all damn day long. Others because of their political or criminal activities.

There is a media and political movement out there that wants to take apart our loyalty as Americans, dividing us. We don't need politicians that attempt to divide this country. We don't need top law enforcement personnel in the justice department promoting racism. We need our law enforcement officials to apply the constitutional law equally instead of attempting to racially divide us.

If police fear being the next viral video they must not be doing their job and instead are involved in criminal activity. After all if you haven't done anything wrong you would welcome video evidence, you wouldn't fear it.

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