Chicago releases 'chilling' video of officer fatally shooting 17-year-old

The city of Chicago released video Tuesday of police officer Jason Van Dyke firing 16 shots into the body of Laquan McDonald, fatally wounding the 17-year-old.

Though McDonald quickly falls to the ground, Van Dyke continues to fire into his body as the teenager jerks on the street. Puffs of smoke from the bullets can be seen rising from his prone body thereafter.

"It is everything that it is described to be by the news accounts," Cook County State's Attorney Anita Alvarez said of the video at an earlier Tuesday press conference. "It is graphic, it is violent, it is chilling."

Editor's note: The following video is graphic and, five minutes in, shows a police officer killing a teenager. Please view with caution.

The killing happened on Oct. 20, 2014, and many have questioned why the city took so long to release the dash cam video. A Cook County judge ordered the video's release earlier this month, saying the city could not prove that it would hamper the investigation into the incident.

After the video released, one group of protesters marched down Roosevelt Rd, forming a circle at the intersection of State & Roosevelt in the city's South Loop neighborhood, blocking traffic. Protesters chanted "16 shots!" the number of times McDonald was shot by Officer Van Dyke.

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