Fake Facebook accounts

By Syeda Qudsia Mashhadi

Awareness of enemy’s tactics is of utmost importance if victory is the desired outcome. The issue of CIA operative Raymond Davis brought forth to light the hideous fact that the state of Pakistan is infested with hidden, unscrupulous and merciless enemies. Alarming as it is, it is just the tip of the ice berg. Patriotic Pakistanis recently have started realizing that these people are wolves in sheep’s clothing. This is just one facet of CIA’s misadventures, particularly in Pakistan, and the Middle East in general. It is now confirmed from various sources that the CIA is not only using different social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter for the surveillance of individuals but is also creating fake accounts there.

These fake accounts are used for nefarious purposes, and most of the times are made by hacking into the personal computers of people in the targeted country. These fake identities are also used to trick Facebook users into accepting friend requests. After making an account with a fake Muslim name, for instance, a Pakistani, they then start creating hate groups with fake ids and attacking every and anybody from opposite groups. In retaliation, the other ethnic, religious or sectarian group also makes a hate group and a vicious cycle starts. The malevolence and hostility being spread among various sects of Muslims is extremely disturbing.

One comes across many Facebook pages of Shias using abusive language for the Companions of the Prophet [PBUH], which hurts the sentiments of all Muslims in around the world. Similarly, there are a number of Sunni Deobandi, or Salafi pages declaring Shias as non-Muslims. Majority of such groups are being created and operated by non-Muslims. Unfortunately, most of the Muslims are ignorant of this fact and unwittingly become victim to this cycle of hate. It is comparable to the way they bomb Imam Baargahs and blame it on Sunni Muslims and then bomb the holy shrines of Auliya and blame it on Deobandis.

The recent examples of the successful use of these social networking websites are the orchestrated revolutions in the Arab World. The million people that had gathered at the Tahrir Square in Egypt had co-ordinated through Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, it is extremely important for ALL the Muslims, especially in Pakistan, to recognize the real enemy and stop fighting amongst themselves. Only when we stand united, we can beat the enemy and be victorious in every battlefield.

Remember, Allah can forgive sins of an individual, but has no mercy for the collective blunders of a nation.

Wake up Pakistan!

Wake up Muslims!

Shia Sunni, Bhai Bhai!

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