FBI raids kids hangout in South St. Louis

By Farrah Fazal, KSDK 

ST. LOUIS - The FBI and St. Louis city police detectives went back to raid an old church for the second time in a less than a month.

Investigators took pictures, and left with computers and other bags. They won't say why they're investigating the organization.

The old church was converted into a non-for-profit establishment called DoJo Pizza. They served pizza to raise money for the kid's free karate classes, that also took place in the building.

The city building inspector condemned DoJo Pizza, saying there were people living in the building when it was only zoned for a gym and food establishment.
The inspector's investigation into Dojo Pizza showed the building was a boarding home of sorts. He found several major code violations including a leaky roof, rats and insect infestation in a bedroom, electrical work without permits, defective tubs and showers and no smoke detectors.

KSDK first did a story about DoJo Pizza over a year ago, where we featured the owner Loren Copp saying he started the non-for-profit to give children a safe place to go and get away from gangs.

We've learned the department of children and families is also involved in this case. We've tried to reach Copp but he has not yet returned our messages. With the violations being of public record, we asked the Mayor's office to go on camera, but they would only provide us with several pictures that were in the inspector's report.

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