Is the Underground TOO Liberal?

By Christopher R Rice

Hi, I received the question below to an article I re posted the other day "Police: Woman says she ‘helped’ runaway girl by pimping her". I thought would be fun to share...

Q. I am not sure I "get" this. Are you vilifying this scumbag woman or sympathizing with her? She is, after all, the end product of your type of deluded liberal/progressive/socialist/NAZI/communist thought processes. I doubt you can see that, though.

A. Hi, ____ thank you for your comment. Would it clear up your confusion to know that I am anti liberal and that I helped to create the Tea Party?

(Here's a video I made for the Tea Party over 5 years ago- YouTube)

I'm not right or left.

I am an anarchist and as such I place the highest value on Liberty. If you believe that Liberty is God given (as the Founding fathers proclaimed) than you wouldn't support politicians that threaten your liberty. And it would not matter to you who's liberty they threatened because you would understand how precious liberty is. And you would do any thing to defend it. Whether that was Communist dictating to the whole East Bloc or a Congress men/woman attacking some ones rights to smoke weed or to prostitute themselves.

Government and LE's job (if any) should be to protect individuals from others not from themselves. In this case the law did the right thing (eventually) in arresting this hooker turned wannabe pimp. But LE went too far 'cuz this bitch should've been given a lawyer to tell her to shut the fuck up. Everyone's rights should be protected, the only exception I make to that rule is pedophiles. Fuck those assholes.

This is the problem with all Americans, ya'll think that you know it all but in reality you don't know jack shit. But assuming that you know it all you continue to make decisions based upon your narrow grotesque world view making one mistake after another.

If you really want to understand the Underground read About Me it's all there. We been around along time and we ain't goin' away, we here to stay. We fight Communist and Fascist. This machine kills both.

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