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Katina Powell's youngest daughter facing prostitution charge in Louisville

By Eric Crawford

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — Abraeshea Moorman, the youngest daughter of “Breaking Cardinal Rules” author Katina Powell, is facing a misdemeanor prostitution charge in Jefferson District Court from a citation issued on June 19 of last year. A pretrial conference Wednesday was rescheduled for another hearing at 9 a.m. on Jan. 15, 2016.

Known as “Shay” in her mother’s book, the daughter of Katina Powell has recently used the name “Chloe Cash” and “Cocaine Chloe” in social media ads. She most recently was scheduled to perform at a club in Atlanta, according to a post on an Instagram account bearing her photos.

The attorney listed for her hearing on Wednesday was Bart McMahon. He didn’t immediately return a message from WDRB.

According to the citation, an undercover detective conducting a human trafficking investigation at the Holiday Inn Louisville East off Hurstbourne Parkway contacted Moorman through an advertisement on She asked the officer for “150 roses,” and upon his arrival at the room had brought condoms and asked the detective to “get comfortable” as she began to undress.

Court records show Moorman completed a form indicating she was indigent, and asked for an attorney at her initial court hearing on July 25 of last year. She signed the form, which said she last had employment on May 3, 2010.

Katina Powell mentions her youngest daughter 48 times in her book, which has caused national controversy, alleging that she provided escorts and strippers for U of L basketball players and recruits in parties at the basketball dorm from 2010 to 2014, with former director of basketball operations Andre McGee paying her several hundred dollars per visit.

In the book, Katina Powell describes her youngest daughter as, “my prize possession, my beautiful creation,” upon first reference, but also expresses anguish throughout the book at her struggles growing up and the risks she took in the life of an escort.

Now age 20, Moorman’s ages during many of the episodes Powell writes about could well be an issue in a current grand jury inquiry into events reported in the book. The narrative isn’t always clear on when the alleged events happened.
Powell describes in a purported journal entry her daughter and a friend leaving for New York to meet men, and coming back “with a pimp.”

Later, she writes that the man took her daughter to Miami, prompting this journal entry: “I felt helpless, embarrassed, and mad. Was this my fault? It turned out (one of Shay’s friends) had seven felonies and the mysterious pimp was wanted in New York. My daughter was gone for a total of six long months. I talked to her almost every other day, but that didn’t really help. I needed to see her. Since doing this she has been robbed twice, once at gunpoint in New York and then again in Indianapolis. She took it as though it was nothing, I really think that she’s locked in” to the lifestyle.

Shay, who turned 15 in 2010, later participated in shows at the University of Louisville, the book says, though Powell has maintained in interviews since the book was published that all her daughters were of legal age before taking part in adult activities.

Just before Shay’s 17th birthday, at Christmas 2011, Powell described letting her daughter smoke marijuana.

“Yeah, maybe I’m crazy, but I let Shay smoke on Christmas,” Powell said in a passage the book presented as a journal entry. “I know, I know, but she’s always treated so differently. And did we honestly think that with all of us smoking that she wouldn’t be the least bit interested? I feel a little bad because
I don’t want her to form a habit. We do it and expect our kids not to do it.
Wrong message. I know my child. She’s a bit confused right now but she will get through this phase and develop into a beautiful, confident young woman. With a job.”

Later, according to the book, Shay enrolled in the federal Job Corps program to earn her GED, and Powell writes that she and her daughter got jobs for a restoration firm called “Rosie’s Restoration” for a time, but both wound up back in the escort business.

Powell wrote of various harrowing experiences her daughter went through as a traveling escort, and finally wrote of how the two visited recruit Antonio Blakeney and a man they described as his guardian at the Embassy Suites just off North Hurstbourne Lane in Louisville during an AAU Tournament on July 22 and 23, 2014.

Powell wrote that her daughter had sex with Blakeney on the 22nd, then met him again the next day. Later, at the request of the book publisher, Shay would send Blakeney an Instagram message with a picture of her asking if he remembered her from the Embassy Suites. He answered that he did, then there were no further responses.

On a radio program last week, when asked about her daughters, Powell told the program “Rover’s Morning Glory,” that her daughters are doing well.

“My kids have a good life,” she said. “They have jobs. They have full-time jobs. They have their own everything. They have a life. They have children. They got families. They do their own things. Nothing of this has deterred my kids from anything. My kids are strong, very strong opinionated females. They will tell you exactly how they feel, and if that’s something that they choose to do, then they will let you know. That’s what I chose to do. No one made me do this. Me and my girls are the best of friends.”

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