Police engaged in sex acts with hookers and you're footing the bill

By Steve Russell

One of many problems with policing private sexual conduct is that the government has to gather evidence. Minnesota Public Radio reported that the Minneapolis Police Department has had prostitution cases tossed out on the basis of “outrageous governmental conduct” because the male police officers trolling for cases in massage parlors actually engaged in sex acts to “gather evidence.”

When I was an active judge in Texas, the Houston Police Department was doing the same, but they had an excuse. They were not going for misdemeanor prostitution arrests but rather the felony of keeping a house of prostitution, which required making several prostitution cases at the same location. If officers made a deal and did not go though with it, the owner would catch on. The “outrageous governmental conduct” argument did not work in Texas, so the police were allowed to have their sex and prosecute it too.

“It’s a hard job,” my cousin Ray Sixkiller snickered, “but somebody has to do it.”

The San Antonio Express-News reported that USAF Capt. Christopher Hill pled guilty to having sex with one of his flight students at Laughlin AFB, among others, but his case got stranger when he took his wife and newborn daughter for a weekend in San Antonio…and brought his mistress along. He complicated things further by lying to investigators and concealing evidence by burying an external hard drive, an iPad, and a cell phone on the grounds of Del Rio International Airport. Facing more than 20 years, he cut a deal for 90 days and a dishonorable discharge.

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