The Government Shakedown

By rhio9  

The US is in a War on Terror and Treason applies to disloyal acts committed during war. “Disloyal acts” would include shutting down the government, forcing the US credit rating to fall or causing the economy to collapse further than it has. People who give Aid and Comfort to enemies of the Constitution (for example, the Republican Party and the Tea Party) have committed treason. “Aid and comfort” refers to any act that betrays allegiance to the United States such as a government shakedown which weakens the United States. A person who is convicted of treason may not hold federal office at any time thereafter. So we can solve more than one problem at the same time.

“Government Shutdown” is an oxymoron, from the diseased brain of comorbid Republican morons. The so-called “shakedown” is not a shutdown at all; just the opposite. The shutdown, for all it’s worth, is a type of bullying from a government that NEVER shuts down and never will. It exists forever, like a vampire-fiend that grabs the throat of the People, dragging it like road-kill into the pit of Tea-Party-obstructionism to suck the money out of its veins. This time there’s no wooden stake to nail in its heart, because it has no heart. It’s the Undead American State in its most destructive, invasive and intrusive form: government as it was meant to be.

Definition of COMORBID
: existing simultaneously with and usually independently of another medical condition; Coexisting or concomitant with an unrelated pathological or disease process. Comorbidity is the rule, not the exception, in bipolar disorder. Bipolarity is a marker for comorbidity, and comorbid disorders. Relatively few controlled clinical studies have examined the treatment of bipolar disorder in the context of politicians and political obstructionism.

Not saying “Yes!” doesn’t mean saying “No”. Maybe a Deutsche-style “Sturmabteilung” (SA) Citizen’s Action Militia could round-up all the US Representatives in one night, men and women who are members of the Tea Party, sympathizers and fellow-travelers. Designate them as “unlawful combatants” subject to capture and detention for disloyal acts against the People and charge them with treason. After that, Congress can pass laws to keep the government open, raise the debt ceiling, get the economy moving or whatever we need. Since the ideals of freedom and democracy haven’t worked to encourage compromise between our elected representatives in Congress and the President, maybe the Gulag will.

EDITORS NOTE: Found this shit at iCNN, thought ya'll might enjoy it. I enjoyed reading this till he got to the part about raising the debt ceiling. I think that what most people fail to realize is that America is weak and stupid and it would only take a handful of dedicated individuals to take this country back.

It wouldn't take many well armed individuals to take over a police sub-station. Kidnap the government employees, debrief them, then release them unharmed, live on social media.

At first you'd be labelled terrorist, but once you released the hostage you'd show the world that you are stronger and better than the government which would garner support from the population.

The government would over respond, terrorizing the citizenry that would then seek you out for protection. Once the people are on your side the government won't have a leg to stand on.

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