Twitter: Priest sent you a Direct Message...

Q. Why is a mistress, following Anonymous?

A. Sounds like a riddle. I'm building an army to over throw the United States of America. When they send in the jack boot riot thug police my army of slaves will welcome being maced in the face, 'cuz they eat my shit for breakfast and get kicked in the nut sack for fun.

BDSM freaks will be my first line of defense. The riot police won't know what to do with a bunch of guys that enjoy getting the shit kicked out of them.

And while the police are focused on the spectacle before them my second wave of troops will attack from the rear. As we systematically destroy their formation it will send them scattering. While my third brigade/battalion will be positioned to -censored- one at a time.

What did you think?

But don't quote me boy, 'cuz I ain't said shit.

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