WikiLeaks cables: Saudi princes throw parties boasting drink, drugs and sex


In what may prove a particularly incendiary cable, US diplomats describe a world of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll behind the official pieties of Saudi Arabian royalty.

Jeddah consulate officials described an underground Halloween party, thrown last year by a member of the royal family, which broke all the country's Islamic taboos. Liquor and prostitutes were present in abundance, according to leaked dispatches, behind the heavily-guarded villa gates.

The party was thrown by a wealthy prince from the large Al-Thunayan family. The diplomats said his identity should be kept secret. A US energy drinks company also put up some of the finance.

"Alcohol, though strictly prohibited by Saudi law and custom, was plentiful at the party's well-stocked bar. The hired Filipino bartenders served a cocktail punch using sadiqi, a locally-made moonshine," the cable said. "It was also learned through word-of-mouth that a number of the guests were in fact 'working girls', not uncommon for such parties."

Bush aided and abetted massive Saudi rip-off of Americans
The dispatch from the US partygoers, signed off by the consul in Jeddah, Martin Quinn, added: "Though not witnessed directly at this event, cocaine and hashish use is common in these social circles."

The underground party scene is "thriving and throbbing" in Saudi Arabia thanks to the protection of Saudi royalty, the dispatch said. But it is only available behind closed doors and for the very rich.

More than 150 Saudi men and women, most in their 20s and 30s, were at the party. The patronage of royalty meant the feared religious police kept a distance. Admission was controlled through a strict guest list. "The scene resembled a nightclub anywhere outside the kingdom: plentiful alcohol, young couples dancing, a DJ at the turntables and everyone in costume."

The dispatch said the bar featured a top shelf of well-known brands of liquor, the original contents reportedly replaced with sadiqi. On the black market, they reported, a bottle of Smirnoff vodka can cost 1,500 riyals (£250) compared with 100 riyals (£16) for the locally-made vodka.

In a venture into Saudi sociology, the diplomats explained why they thought their host was so attached to Nigerian bodyguards, some of whom were working on the door. "Most of the prince's security forces were young Nigerian men. It is common practice for Saudi princes to grow up with hired bodyguards from Nigeria or other African nations who are of similar age and who remain with the prince well into adulthood. The lifetime spent together creates an intense bond of loyalty"

Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders meets with controversial Saudi Arabian prince. The informal meeting with Nayef al-Shaalaan who was sentenced to ten years following a conviction on drugs charges took part in Saudi Arabia.

The cable claimed it was easy for would-be partygoers to find a patron out of more than 10,000 princes in the kingdom. Some are "royal highnesses" with direct descent from King Abdul Aziz, while others are "highnesses" from less direct branches.

One young Saudi told the diplomat that big parties were a recent trend. Even a few years ago, he said, the only weekend activity was "dating" among small groups who met inside the homes of the rich. Some of the more opulent houses in Jeddah feature basement bars, discos and clubs. One high-society Saudi said:
RIYADH: Saudi Arabia beheaded a Pakistani on Wednesday for trafficking heroin hidden in his stomach into the kingdom, the interior ministry said, the latest in dozens of executions this year.

"The increased conservatism of our society over these past years has only moved social interaction to the inside of people's homes."

Christof Heyns, the UN special rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, said trials "are by all accounts grossly unfair" and defendants are often not allowed a lawyer.
He said confessions were obtained under torture.
Rape, murder, apostasy, armed robbery and drug trafficking are all punishable by death under Saudi Arabia´s strict version of Islamic sharia law.

Mohammed Sadiq Hanif was arrested during his attempt to smuggle "a large amount" of heroin, the ministry said in a statement carried by the official SPA news agency.
Last month, Saudi authorities beheaded four Pakistanis convicted of smuggling heroin into the kingdom.
The government "is keen on combating narcotics due to their great harm to individuals and the society," the interior ministry said.


A number of the ruling al-Saud monarchy in Saudi Arabia together with some celebrities are squandering huge sums of money on drugs and debauchery, according to a senior cleric.

In a televised interview, Ali al-Maliki said that these individuals - all enjoying immunity from prosecution - excessively indulge in sensual pleasures, crazy partying and wild night parties often consuming a lot of alcohol.

He added that he has heard about the ongoing promiscuity in the country from several youths, who used to attend the parities but are remorseful of their past deeds.

Maliki also pointed to the massive flow of narcotics into Saudi Arabia, noting that members of the governing regime are involved in smuggling and trade of illicit drugs.
A top Saudi opposition figure has called on religious authorities and al-Saud-affiliated media outlets to reveal how certain members of the ruling Saudi regime kidnap and sexually abuse girls in the country. Head of the Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia (MIRA), Sa'ad al-Faqih, referred to the case of a Saudi girl who was abducted and sexually abused by Fahd bin Khalid al-Saud as among thousands of cases committed by al-Saud dynasty.

“Certain members of the ruling regime enjoy some type of immunity which lets them sexually abuse women, said al-Faqih.
Al-Faqih called for an uprising against tyranny and cruelty exercised by corrupt members of the country’s royal family and demanded that a serious measure be taken through international criminal courts to put an end to their heinous acts.
EDITORS NOTE: Does this remind you of anyone? How about America's politicians attacking Craigslist and Backpage for prostitution and then get busted with prostitutes? How about the 'War on Drugs', how many politicians having sex orgies on your dime. Or the DEA's sex parties funded by drug cartels. What a bunch of hypocrites you keep electing. Politicians hate your freedoms more than the so called terrorist. You need to wake up to who your real enemy is before it's too, oops, too late, you lose again.

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