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8 Tips to prevent a CPS Investigation

By Christopher R Rice

Some quick common sense tips to help keep the wolves (CPS) away from your family. Much love.

1.) Never let your children go to school dirty or bruised.  If your kid took a bad spill on his/her bicycle keep him/her at home.

2.) Never let your kids go to school dirty or ragged. Make them wash thoroughly and always dressed in their Sunday best. Teachers and school personnel are required to call CPS by law if children look 'un-kept'.

3.) Do not keep your children home-out of school excessively. This gives teachers and school administrators another reason to call CPS. If your child missed a lot of school already and is sick, send him/her to school and let the school nurse send them home.

4.) Take preventive steps like helmets/pads when they ride bikes/skateboards or playing sports. All injuries must be reported to CPS by hospital staff, by law.

5.) Refrain from taking your child to ER or doctors for every scrape or bruise because doctors and hospital staff must report every accident as possible abuse to CPS.

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6.) Keep your personal business to yourself and tell your kids to do the same. Schools encourage students to rat on family members suspected of drug use or any suspicious activity. And any conversation can be misconstrued. And again CPS will be called out to investigate.

7.) Do not let your neighbors into your home they will assume that they can show up unannounced and barge in at anytime. And if you're in the middle of doing laundry they can say your home is messy and call CPS.

8.) Always have food in the refrigerator and cupboards, this will be one of the first places CPS "investigates" if they gain entry into your home. Make sure that your kids have plenty of healthy snacks like apple slices, grapes or carrot sticks. Wash dishes after each meal and keep your kitchen area clean and dry.

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