Give the people what they want

By Christopher R Rice

Fuckshitpiss. Been bustin' my ass to produce this dope ass shit and the only thang anyone's interested in is hos. I crap out some article about How to beat prostitution stings and it's searched for and read all day, every day, for years. And I wrote that with my eyes closed and one hand tied behind my back.

Then I write a hard core political piece. I research, pain staking add links, bibliographies, foot notes, produce a master piece, like the sixteenth chapel or some shit, right. Publish, sit back, wait for the Peabody award.

But when I check the stats, no one's even read it. Damn, so I change the title to some click bait shit and stick it on Twitter and Facebook. Check the stats, twenty hits. Someone's going to love it and repost it, right. Wrong, no Peabody, no more hits. No one's reposting it into their accounts, it just sits there collecting dust. 

But that piece I wrote 'bout and hos is still gettin' hits.

Fuckit den. Wrote some mo' articles on hos, and they all gettin' hits. It didn't take me two minutes to write that shit. Check again, same thang.

Change my name so many times, even I don't know who the fuck I am. From Hard Times to VoteStrike to General Strike to Underground America Inc. Repost garbage from around the net, write some deep hard core shit and I'm still just a one hit wonder. It sucks but I'll only be known for How to Beat any Prostitution sting, but hey, give the people what they want, right?

So, I'm surrounded by a bunch of assholes that can't get laid. Take a look at the presidential front runner. He is America, he is what we have, the best this country has to offer. Homophobic, racist, sexist, greedy, hypocrites that think they know it all but can't get laid to save their lives. Hell, these assholes are married and can't get laid. Backpage, Ashley Madison, where's your husband really at?

As a revolutionary it is beyond evident that the sheeple will never wake up. Because, we are dealing with a creature that is as dumb as bricks. Think of it this way, even a sheep can get laid without having to come out of pocket, right. FACT: your husband can't.

I'm surrounded by people that are dumber than sheep. I think it's time to stop writing and start fleecing. Give 'em what they want, I'm tired of bein' broke.

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