Google says remove Torture pics or lose .18 cents a day from AdSense

From: Google AdSense

Violent or disturbing content (+2 others)
Dec 3, 2015
Action is required to bring your AdSense account into compliance with our AdSense program policies.  Please make changes to the above site within three working days.  We may spot-check the site again after this time. Once you've made the changes, hit the "Mark resolved" button below and complete the short form.  Please be aware that if you do not make changes to bring your site into compliance, ad serving may be disabled to the website listed above. Learn more

Violent or disturbing content
AdSense publishers are not permitted to place Google ads on pages with violent or disturbing content, including sites with gory text or images. More information about this policy can be found in our help center.

Sensitive content
Google does not allow the monetization of content that may be sensitive, tragic, or hurtful. While we believe strongly in the freedom of expression and offer broad access to content across the Web without censoring search results, we reserve the right to exercise discretion when reviewing sites and determining whether or not we are able to provide a positive user experience delivering contextually targeted ads to a site with this type of content.
For more information, please review Google’s program policies.

EDITORS NOTE: Basically either we remove our torture pics or lose AdSense as an advertiser. Since we have not received any donations in 6 months we really can't afford to lose an advertiser, even one that only makes us .18 cents a day. We also understand that the people won't stand up and contact Google against this blatant censorship. We will re-post the pics here- Torture American Style until they ban us from there too. 

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