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Hit 'Em Up

By Christopher R Rice

They claim to be the 'police' but they're nothin' but a bunch of punk ass bitches. 'Cuz a real man doesn't put his hands on a woman...

In families of police officers, domestic violence is two-to-four times more likely than in the general population — from stalking and harassment to sexual assault and even homicide. As the National Center for Women and Policing notes, two studies have found that at least 40% of police officer families experience domestic violence, in contrast to 10% of families in the general population.

And the CIA, nothin' but a bunch of BDSM freaks.

We all know about your lil homies at the NSA, stalkers and paranoid geeks. Economic espionage isn't counter terrorism no matter how ya' spin it.

Tell you what's up, fuck with the Underground and get your ass knocked the fuck out.

I didn't stutter when I said FuckDaPolice.

Banned by WordPress. Banned by YouTube. Banned by Google. Banned by America. But like any good monster, that just made us stronger.

Marches and protest have all proved a waste of time. Dirty pigs still on our streets, raping and killing our children, with impunity.

So, lets talk strategies. You got to flip the script. Do somethin' new, that's ol' school. Here's the one you'd never expect. Lets organize

Don't fuck with the Underground, get your dumb ass snatched off the street. My people are all sayin' fuck the police, fuck peace.

So what's wrong with a lil violence?

How's that turnin' the other cheek workin' out for ya'? Peaceful marches, voting and protesting have all failed to bring the desired change.

Oh, they don't want to hear that kind'a talk. But, who's speakin' up for your wife while your beatin' on her, pig man?

Violence is okay when the pigs use it on us, right. Hell, they don't even go to jail or lose their jobs most the time. But don't let anyone say that maybe we need to use violence to defend ourselves. 'Cuz then the pigs show up at your door.

Tell you what's up, fuck with the Underground and get your ass knocked the fuck out.

Lets examine this. If they send us overseas they want us to get violent with a man that we have nothing against, right? And if we get pulled over and the cop gets violent with us, nothing happens, right? I mean if there's someone with a camera and the cops don't steal it, you might get a settlement from the city in a few years. All the while there's no charges against the officer, he's still working, pry got a promotion and a trophy for beatin' on you.

Now think about this, suppose we exercise our Constitutional right to "redress our grievances" and hold a protest or a march, what's going to happen? Have a peaceful protest and the pigs show up, right? And they're definitely not there to protect our rights now are they?

So, you say that if we get violent they will send in the pigs but what the hell do they do when we have a peaceful demonstration? So, I'll ask you again, what's wrong with a little violence to get your rights?

The founding fathers employed peaceful protest at the Boston Tea Party when they dumped British tea into the harbor but they also took up arms against the British.

And, if they send us over seas to fight Assad in Syria, he's a democratically elected president, just like ours. But our government is sending us overseas to help those protesters overthrow their government, right? So, why shouldn't we use violence to get our rights? Voting sure ain't workin'. Protest ain't workin'. Maybe instead of repeating the same mistakes we should explore all of our options.

Dr. King was non violent and the only thing he achieved was taking down the 'whites only' signs. If anything, we've got it worse now.

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