Is the Underground Too Damn Conservation?

By Christopher R Rice

I wrote an article titled "Is the Underground Too Liberal?" In it, I wrote that "I helped to start the Tea Party". Which a reader took me to task for.

The reader quoted from Wikipedia (which for some reason I'm not in, yet). That Christopher Rice, son of Anne Rice (famous 'Vampire' author) was in New York promoting his new book when the Tea Party was forming.

                       (Hint to readers: good time to start a Wikipedia page).

First, let me explain that I am not the son of famous author Anne Rice. Her son Christopher Rice is a famous author also and a gay rights activist.

I am also not Chris Rice the Christian singer.

You also won't find me any history books or Wikipedia pages. My involvement in politics and crime is always behind the scenes. I keep a very low profile.

As far as the Tea Party goes, it was actually more of a side effect, of my failed movement, I called Vote Strike (VS).

When I created VS we received a lot of support from Border Patrol Agents that wouldn't vote for Obama or McCain because they were both open borders Senators, and a lot of support from firemen who called the republicans and democrats the Crips and the Bloods, a term Jesse Venture would later use to title one of his books.

But VS was a monumental failure because even though I was able to get both sides to agree to a VS protest neither side would trust the other side to go through with the VS. Consequently, Obama was elected by a landslide.

Another movement that took place at the same time that also failed to succeed was the Ron Paul Revolution.

It was activist from these two failed movements that joined together to become the Tea Party.

I didn't lead. I didn't organize. I offered assistance, I wrote articles, made videos, created websites -until the birther movement. I'd seen this scam before when the Jesuits tried to slap Bush Sr. with a RICO lawsuit. The government drained all of their resources, dragged it out for years 'till everyone was broke than the judge kicked 'em in the butt, told em to stop wasting everyone's time and kicked 'em out of the courtroom.

Justice in America is a farce. And if Obama was born on Mars there's no way he would run for President and not be able to produce a birth certificate. And then where is that going to leave you? Trying to prove it's fake, that's where -which is another waste of time and money. But everyone lined up liked trained seals, to get fleeced.

In my bio, I mention my boycotts against S. Africa and B of A. While promoting VS, we vehemently protested the bailouts. During that protest I started boycotts against the banks. And another way to protest by using cash instead of credit/debit. Those articles can still be found at

The banking boycott was then stole by another writer at the Huffington Post who took it so far that he got interviewed by Jon Stewart on the Daily Show. His bank boycott protest happened to be the same protest as mine but I think I could've explained it better than he did. Was I upset that someone else wrote my idea as their own? Hell no - He got a lot more people into the protest. Where the credit went really doesn't matter to me. My articles pre date his, but who gets the credit or interviews doesn't mean squat. I much prefer remaining anonymous.

My involvement with S. Africa is similar.

When I first started protesting Apartheid, some friends took me to rallies and demonstrations, that were usually held at the South African consolute on Saturdays. The whole thing seemed like a picnic to me. No real business is conducted at the consulate on Saturdays and we weren't obstructing the consulate, we were usually in a park next door to the consulate building.

There were signs, banners, a podium, a microphone, speakers, a band, people passing out leaflets, some tables with books and more leaflets.

There'd be some fiery speeches and then we'd go home. Maybe because I'd never protested before, but this seemed very unproductive and even counter productive. Because the FBI was in the parking lot writing down everyones license plate numbers and then breaking into everyone's homes. Riffling through your stained underwear, searching for the Communist Manifesto. If they couldn't find one, you were considered fat and unimportant, that was me. But I didn't know that then. All I knew was that the FBI had broke into my home and had been opening up my mail.

First, I started a phone bomb. Where every Monday or Tuesday everyone would call the consolute and ask nonsensical question like the 'Jerky Boys'. Just to tie up their phone lines. So no real business could take place. Then I started the boycotts but it didn't have any teeth until the college kids heard about it and got the colleges to divest.

But don't quote me boy, 'cuz I ain't said shit.

I don't think that my job is to wake up the sheeple but to wake up the activist. Activist do not need to ask the people's permission. You are an activist, like a prophet, you don't need permission. You already know the truth and you already know what needs to be done. Stop trying to wake the sheeple up and instead tie them to your cart and get them to pull you along, not the other way around.

The sheeple do not need to be woke up or told or shown what's wrong, they need you, us, to show them what to do about it. So next time that you write about some horrible injustice occurring always add at the bottom some simple things that your readers can do to bring about real change. Simple boycotts, using cash, targeted protest. But things that anyone can do anywhere that will bring about positive change. That is really your only job. Activist, WAKE UP!!

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