Saudi: Anti-drugs department orders him to take tweet down within minutes of his post


By Habib Toumi, Bureau Chief The blogger, anxious he would be facing the charges, deleted the tweet, Sabq said.Mokafha_SA, the twitter account of the anti-drugs department in the Saudi kingdom, has around 72,000 followers and monitors postings that promote or contribute to taking drugs.

Manama: A blogger in Saudi Arabia who said that falling in love was like taking a crack of cocaine was told to remove his tweet in order to avoid going to jail. “This may shock you, but falling in love has the same effects on a person as taking a dose of cocaine,” the blogger posted on his account. However, within minutes, the Saudi anti-drugs department posted on its account that the information was erroneous, telling the blogger that he should delete his tweet.

In a separate posting, the department said it wanted to remind people that it was working with the competent authorities on the application of Paragraph Four of Article Six of the Anti-Cybercrime Law, Saudi news site Sabq reported.

The article stipulates that anyone who creates or publicizes a website that provides information on how to trade in, distribute, demonstrate method of use or facilitate dealing in narcotic and psychotropic will be jailed for up to five years and asked to pay a fine of up to SR three million. The court can resort to either punishment.

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