Slavery in Saudi Arabia Pt. I

Courtesy LiveLeak


A city worker (they are all Indians or Bengali) in Saudi Arabia being brutalized because the guy is suspecting that he looked at his wife (harem).

The video starts off with the camera man and his dirt bag friend asking the foreigner if he'll ever come back to clean around their property again to which he answers in the negative.

They accuse him of stealing a cell phone and asked him if he spoke to one of their wives. He again answers in the negative. Around 0:54 he puts his hand around his neck and tells them he'd rather be dead.

He's pretty much begging them to let him die. They mock his request for death screaming "you want to die, huh?" while beating him. That's really all there is to it without typing out a full transcript.

A lot of you are probably aware of this but a lot of Gulf countries like Saudi, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain have a sponsorship requirement for foreigners. The sponsors are particularly brutal to foreigners from Asia and even other Arabs (like Yemenis). 


A lot of foreign workers are lured in by promises of high salaries but become trapped when their sponsor takes possession of their travel documents. This is modern slavery and these spoiled, pathetic assholes need to be smacked back into their place.
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