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Student Protest: Teacher Barricaded

LAS VEGAS (KSNV News3LV) -- A student protest inside Valley High School locked down the school for almost an hour. Students barricaded a room and tried to lock the door.

Substitute teacher Tiffany Dickerson told News 3 late Thursday night she told her students she had been the victim of “constant attacks” about a complaint she had filed alleging having heard racist comments from some teachers about black and Hispanic students. 

“I told the students to remain peaceful,” Dickerson said.

In moments caught on cell phones, students are seen and heard trying to keep Dickerson inside the classroom, with arms linked and desks blocking a doorway.

"I want to clarify she's not leaving this room,” students shouted inside the classroom,” Dickerson said.

About thirty students huddled around 10th grade first year English substitute teacher Tiffany Dickerson. "Nobody gets hurt! She's staying," students yelled at police.

The students in the classroom say racism by the Valley High School administration sparked this instant protest. The 10th graders stress the administration forced their teacher out.

The substitute English teacher in the middle of all this spoke out after school police kicked her off campus. "I filed some complaints with Ms. Esparza, the principal here, about statements made about black and Hispanic students,” said tenth-grade teacher, Tiffany Dickerson.

Dickerson says fellow English teachers were making the racist remarks.

"On how they're ghettoizing the school, polluting it up, and they act like animals, and they're bringing down the test scores,” said Dickerson.

After the complaint was made, Dickerson says the faculty wanted her gone. Giselle Gomez was one of the students involved in the protest.

"For me to do this means a lot because I really don't like school as much and she means like everything,” said Gomez.

After twenty minutes, school police gained control of the situation. Jasmine Espinoza ended up getting suspended for participating. She says it’s worth it.

"She wanted to give us homework. The first thing they told her when she got hired didn't give the kids homework. They won't do it. They're stupid,” said Espinoza.

School police say it’s all a personal matter. No one during the protest was injured.

"As parents talk to your kids about how to legally go about voicing their concerns,” said Captain Ken Young of the Clark County School Police.

Young says the incident began around 8:35 a.m. and lasted about twenty minutes. CCSD police officers entered the classroom to talk with the students, and the situation was resolved peacefully. No arrests were made.

CCSD told News 3 they took Tiffany Dickerson off the substitute list.

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