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Tea Party vs. BLM/OWS

by Christopher R Rice
You’ve probably heard that some of the Tea Party movement members are racists, bigots, and birthers. The movement is wholly or partially just another wing of the Republican Party and receives funding from the Koch brothers.  

You’ve probably also heard that some of the OWS (Occupy Wall St.) /BLM (Black Lives Matter) members are communists, anarchists and homeless. The movement is bankrolled partially by SEIU and ACORN.

You’ve probably heard these movements are leaderless, directionless and sometimes prone to violence. All of these claims are TRUE! Part of the media’s job is to place the spotlight on any fringe element of any movement to keep the majority of the citizenry from joining.

Focusing on the fringe elements discredits any movement! But has there ever been a perfect movement or uprising?

J. Edgar Hoover claimed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a communist sympathizer, a womanizer and physically violent with his lovers. Malcolm X began as a racist. And the founding fathers had their own radical components. Some of the founding fathers had no problem breaking laws they saw as unjust, unenforceable and unfair. Some of the founders had no problem using violent means to evict/protest British rule.

There never has been and never will be anything perfect. We should not demand perfection to join, support or help these movements. These movements can only gain popular support when there is a corrupt, lawless and unrepresentative government in power as we now have. 

Withholding your support is a silent vote for the current corruption that presently holds power today. You may not like everything about these movements but they are the only things challenging the status quo today.

Our system of checks and balances has been hijacked. Voting only serves to ensure the continuation of one corrupt party or the other. It is necessary for all men and women of good conscience to stand up and be counted. To say, “Enough is enough.” To demand an end to the corporate control of our politicians and political system.

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