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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Google says: Remove torture pictures or else

By Christopher R Rice

UPDATE: US Military, CIA and Special forces Torture pictures HERE 

I've succeed in being banned from everywhere on the net.

I've had nothing but trouble with Google / Blogger since I got here.

Google's latest outrageous demand comes from AdSense. They threatened to remove their ads if the torture pics committed by US military and the CIA were not removed from my site.

I have no idea how I'm going to survive without the .18 cents a day that AdSense generates for me.

But rather than fight the inevitable I've created Underground America Inc.

"How to beat the police, CPS, DEA, FBI, IRS, and NSA for FREE. How to beat any drug test. How to beat any court case. And how to download college text books for FREE. Plus much more. If you want a revolution against an unjust, unfair, corrupt system, THE REVOLUTION IS HERE."
(On the unholy GoDaddy, 'till they ban me.)

 I'd feel honored to hear from you. Much love -C.Rice

You can read Googles / AdSenses message / threat HERE

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