So, What's Wrong with a Little Torture?

By Christopher R Rice

As you look at these pictures, the first thing that comes to my mind is who could do this to another human being? It's the kinda sick twisted shit you'd expect if some Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy picked you up and had you in their basement. But as you look through the pictures, you can see who would do this sick shit because they're in the photos with their thumbs up. Since they're visible, they got prosecuted.

Remember poor Lynndie England took the fall for the whole US government because it wasn't much longer and we all found out about John Yoo and his secret memos. And not much longer after that and Dick Cheney became the BDSM Vice Prez. Running around bragging about this sick (illegal) shit. And here in the States there was no outrage, no mobs of people in the streets demanding justice. No, instead my fellow Americans were proud of what their government had done in their name. Americans have done less to stop torture than Germans did to stop the Holocaust.

Which surprised the hell out of me since we had attacked the wrong country and tortured a bunch of Iraqi's that had nothing to do with 9/11.

But then I'd seen all of this before when my government was helping to maintain blood thirsty dictatorships in South America. They killed a Priest and raped four nuns. And I remember a Vietnam vet went to the railroad tracks that were supplying the US backed army. And he laid down on the tracks in a desperate attempt to stop the train, to stop the bloodshed and the murder that our country was sponsoring. The train ran him over. Took his legs right off.

My government was also torturing US citizens on US soil. I know you don't consider them citizens because they're criminals. And we all know that there is no reforming criminals. So we lock them in cages and then, when and if they ever get out, there's legal discrimination against felons because no one will hire them. And some places won't even rent to felons which isn't really a problem since no one will hire them. Which is only fair since they've paid their debt to society and completed their probation. It's only fair that you should never be allowed to vote or own a weapon or get a job. I remember when GW Bush was in office and he made it so felons couldn't get public grants to go back to college and better themselves. Because a felon that's been tortured by our justice/prison system and then denied even the right to work will find a way to feed himself and his family. Then you can re-arrest him for shoplifting a slice of pizza and then call him a career criminal and give him 25 to life. That's only fair. God Bless America.

So, what's wrong with a little torture? I know who's responsible for torture. It's not just the government or the CIA. Congress and the Senate approved it, then wanted to investigate it, what a laugh. The law breaker investigating the law breakers.

I'm a hang 'round be a mentor, I wrote so you can survive when law is lawless. I drop science, like a bomb, direct and indirect, evry chance I get.

So, how many teenage girls have to be raped by our military in Okinawa? Why do we still have military bases in Japan? In the Philippines? Germany? I'll tell you why, its not because we are the police man of the world. Oh no, it is because we are the bully of the world. That's right.

It's called gun boat diplomacy. The British would roll into some peaceful countries port with all of their war ships and point their guns at the civilian population and make demands. If their demands weren't met the streets ran with blood. Kinda like the Mafia, pay up or your place gets torched. That's America. That's the real American way.

That's why we maintain military bases all over the world and foot the bill. You've heard of Americas generosity to poor nations? More lies, we give the least humanitarian aid of any industrialized nation on the whole planet. America is a bully, we sell military 'aid' to help with the rape of their countries.

Our taxes are used to rape nuns and murder priest so that our corporations can enjoy slave wages and lax environmental laws. Why else would our companies close down here to move to China, India or Mexico? Just so the CEOs and shareholders can make an extra bill. And if anyone gets out of line our troops are right there.

That's why the CIA has to over throw democratically elected presidents the whole world over and install blood thirsty dictators. Because they allow us to rob their countries natural resources and rape the labor pool at slave wages. All the while, the dictators putting his stolen loot in Swiss bank accounts, hoping he can get out of dodge before America turns on him too.

Here I'm a drop out and a felon and I can see that much, what's wrong with everyone else? Ya'll got degrees.

Okay here's another one. We've all heard that America was forced to drop the atomic bomb on Japan to end the war because they wouldn't surrender otherwise - fighting would've continued and even more lives lost, right? WRONG.

The obvious hole in this, is that even if it were true, then why did we drop the bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima? Civilian populations - cities!! First that's fuckin' illegal. Second, why not drop the atomic bombs on military installations? That were actually a threat.

The second problem with this lie, is that we had broken the Japanese codes and knew that Japan was going to surrender to our Allies the Russians - This of course was unacceptable to Washington. They had already lost the whole East Bloc and China to Communism - they weren't about to lose all of Asia or even a small handful of islands. 

Historians agree on one startling point. The public view that the atomic bomb was the decisive event that ended World War II is not supported by the facts.

Remember Vietnam? The Phoenix program? Tiger-cages? Torture by the US Army and the CIA and the US Special Forces is nothing new, assholes. Ask fuckin' John Kerry how many children and women he tortured in Vietcong!!

Americas great wealth was first reliant on imported slaves. But as this became too costly America decided it was more cost efficient to leave them where they were, produce the products overseas, then ship them to market, keep all the profits, tell everyone their free and laugh all the way to the bank. And call it Capitalism when it's much more like Fascism.

And if domestic help was required, simply turn a blind eye at the border and you can have all the cheap labor you want. No problems right?

But our government didn't build new roads or hospitals or schools to accommodate all the new immigrants. Instead they just crammed us all together and turned our freeways into parking lots, turned our ERs into an all day project, where you might die waiting and turned our schools into zoos where no one learns anything.

Yep, God Bless America. And now here's another election. Americans are lining up like seals, how pathetic. Candidates from both parties look like the worst this country has to offer. And yet they're being totted as the best that America has to offer. They look like wolves. Wolves that can't wait to get into the chicken coop and start feasting. We are trillions and trillions of dollars in debt and no one has any shame. Not a one of them has offered any solutions to any of the problems facing American families. They just say what the people want to hear and whoever can get the most face/name (by spending the most money) recognition wins! What a crooked system.

The US government is responsible for the torture and murder of more people on the planet than any other government that's ever existed. Nazi Germany has nothing on us. We've been torturing since before Nam and we are still torturing today. When they tell you that we don't torture, it's lie.

Solitary confinement for more than 72 hours is torture. And yet American prisoners have been in solitary confinement for decades. We torture our own citizens on American soil. And the CIA still tortures people the whole world over. Navy ships and third world countries are now used for interrogations.

It's not an interrogation, its BDSM. And we don't torture for information, look closely at the pictures. Too many people die during torturing/waterboarding for it to be effective means of extracting useful info. Dead men don't talk.

Yet Americans are so freakin' stupid they believed that sick fuck that torture saved lives. And so did prohibition of alcohol and drugs right? Or did making it illegal create Al Capone and put our families in even more danger. God gave ya'll a brain, why don't you ever use it?

The only reason BDSM was used, was to create more terrorist. The US military could not afford another Iraq invasion that only lasted three days, like the first Iraq war. Without enemies, Americas economy would collapse. 

America has a war time economy that is reliant on defense spending. Take away Americas enemies and there's no reason to continue making more bombs, when you already have enough bombs to kill every man, woman and child on the planet ten times over.

Once America had conquered Iraq and the Taliban/Afghanistan, which was nothing but a bunch of goat herders, then what?

Start laying people off? Start at Northrop, Raytheon and all the defense contractors that line up at the tax trough and could never run a profitable business without government contracts.

So the only way to drag this war out longer than WWII and make gross obscene profits, was to torture. Take pictures and show the whole world. Why else pass out cameras at a BDSM party?

But things didn't go as well as planned and we weren't allowed to keep military bases in Iraq or Afghanistan as we had wanted. Just like we had done the whole world over.

With the Afghanistan war winding down and a Prez in The White House promising to bring the troops home and end the wars. It didn't take long for Americas military industrial complex to get worried, again. Started thinking they were about to be out of jobs. Then the next thought of course is who the hells going to hire me, I only know how to make bombs. But America had more problems than just its whole economy collapsing.

There was Iran developing nuclear weapons, China and Russia were building a pipeline to supply China with oil which was tolerable but they went around the petrodollar that we've tied our whole economy too (since getting rid of the gold standard). Oops!!

The first solution was to get oil prices back down and make the Russian/China deal worthless. So, our allies, the Saudis started pumping wildly, dropping prices globally.

This wasn't enough to bankrupt Venezuela or Iran. Two thorns stuck in the West side. Nor would it save the defense industry once the troops came home.

So ISIS was created, by the CIA.

We then stuck our finger in Ukraine and tried to encircle Russia and cut off its port in Crimea. Then we attacked Libya and Syria and then Iraq with our newly trained Jihads. Slowly encircling Iran.

And, if all goes well, the Americans weary and tired from fourteen long years of war will be demanding their government do something about ISIS. 

The best way to deal with all of the anti war protesters is simply to make ISIS so blood thirsty that everyone demands war. Then, the lie becomes the truth and peace becomes war.

What a setup. Instead of Americans out protesting over our involvement in yet another sovereign nation with a democratically elected president we're all eager to fight another.

Instead of demanding our troops be brought home from two theaters, as we were promised, Americans are actually demanding another illegal war, what suckers! Line up war profiteers, let the tax payer go deeper into debt. See what happens next.

There's been no end to this fighting since WWII. Literally, no fuckin' peace since 1944. Americans have been in one war after another. Hell, we barely got our boots off from WWII and we were already being shipped off to Korea.

Is this really how you want your children to grow up and live. Worse off than you?

Because the Republicans and Democrats are offering the same failed policies of the last 50 years. I've got to tell you, if ya'll really want more of the same, you're insane. And let's be honest, a politicians idea of "change" is to maintain the status quo.

I'm not going to lay down on a railroad track and sacrifice my legs but I will do everything I can to stop you. If you wish to join this fight, click the Paypal button or join me in the streets. Either you are with us or against us, you decide. Your silence is a vote for the criminal enterprise running this country now. So, make some noise!! (Re-post everywhere).

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