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PIGS on a KILLING SPREE (Killed our kids again)

By Camille Augustin Vibe The death of teen Gynnya McMillen at an Elizabeth, Ky. juvenile detention center earlier this month just received a new update that sheds light on her mysterious passing. The 16-year-old was found dead in her sleep on Jan. 11, and according to the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting, guards at the facility used a martial arts move named “Aikido restraint” to subdue McMillen. After the physical encounter, it is reported that the guards didn’t check on McMillen overnight, and once they found her unresponsive, they waited 11 minutes to administer CPR. Officials state the occurrence happened because McMillen refused to take off her hooded sweatshirt during her booking for a misdemeanor charge of domestic assault, Huffington Post reports. A state official released a statement on the restraint method, writing the reason for this martial arts move was “to safely conduct a pat-down search and remove the youth’s hoodie. The purpose of having multiple staff involve…

Better than Backpage

By Christopher R Rice

 LE has been arresting webmasters and shutting down websites from MyRedbook to RentBoy. LE has and is conducting national and global stings against Backpage's customers and their clients, 'johns'. January is 'National John Sting' month. 

I've already wrote about how easy it is to beat a police sting. If you haven't read it yet, here it is again..

(How to) Beat ANY Prostitution Sting (for Dummies)


Alternatives to MyRedbook / Craigslist / Backpage:

But, big prob! All of the new alternatives have failed at one important thing: keeping you safe. That is, safe from LE.

It does not matter if you are using Backpage, Craigslist or Eros or any of the new sites because cops, (undercover pigs) can advertise on any and all of them.

So if you are going to use any of those sites, use my tips and beat any prostitution sting, everytime. 

But, now there's a site (theUnderground) that's better than Backpage or any of the 'new' sites beca…

Grace Lee Boggs, an American Revolutionary, Dies

Written by Noel Holston

Grace Lee Boggs, an Asian-American philosopher, writer and political activist who was the subject of 2014 Peabody-winning POV documentary, American Revolutionary, died Monday in her Detroit home. She was 100 years old.

Though not as well known as Rosa Parks or John Lewis, Boggs was once described by Angela Davis as having made “more contributions to the black struggle than most black people have.”

Born in 1915 in an apartment above her father’s Chinese restaurant in Providence, R.I., Grace Lee grew up in New York City. A precocious child, she entered Barnard College at 16 and graduated in 1935 with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. She went on to get a doctorate in philosophy from Bryn Mawr College in 1940.

Her deep involvement in civil rights and black-power politics began in earnest after she met her African-American husband-to-be, James Boggs, while she was writing for a Detroit newspaper. They helped Dr. Martin Luther King orchestrate marches and provided Malc…

(Warning to all citizens) 8 Things the Police can KILL YOU for

By Christopher R Rice

(Warning to all citizens) 8 Things the Police can KILL YOU for...

1.)  Having a BB gun in Walmart (John Crawford, 22, Beavercreek, Ohio)

2.)  Having a BB gun on the sidewalk (Tamir Rice, 12, Cleveland, Ohio and Andy Lopez, 13, Santa Rosa, Calif.)

3.) Having a cell phone. (Keith Childress, 23,Las Vegas, Nevada)

4.) Reaching for your waistband. (Robert "LaVoy" Finicum, 55, Burns, Oregon)

5.) Running from the police can get you shot in the back. (Cedrick Chatman, 17,  Chicago, Illinois)  

6.) Raising your hands / trying to surrender. (Michael Brown, 18, Ferguson, Missouri)

7.)Holding Wii Controller In Your Own Home(Christopher Roupe, 17, Woodland, Georgia)

8.) Calling 911 for help. (John Kendall, 59, Vancouver, Wash.)

Other things the police may kill you for: peaceful protest (Kent State, Oh.) being black, being Latino, being poor, for being homeless / mentally ill (Kelly Thomas, 37, Fullerton, Calif.) following their orders (Levar Jones, 35, South Carolina) or reac…

I personally water boarded Dick Cheney last night 183 times

By Christopher R Rice

Hold up, I know exactly what you're going to say, "shut the hell up Chris, never admit to your own crimes until the statue of limitations has run out, then it's okay."

I know, I know, but I have to tell ya', last night, I just got so damn frustrated, sittin' here thinkin' 'bout all those lame ass excuses they used to invade a sovereign nation (Iraq) in the first place, then started raping men, woman and children, taking pictures and sending Cheney around the nightly news talkin' 'bout rectal feeding for shits and giggles on innocent civilians with that Dr. Evil smirk on his creepy lookin' face. And, I couldn't take it any longer, I snapped!

Yep, I lost it. Hopped in my car and headed over to the Cheney compound. In the back of my mind, I could hear Cheney smirking and laughing... "I'll get YOU and your little dog Toto too!" But, I don't even own a little dog, shake my head.

I kept tellin'…

Police arrest 200 in child sex trafficking sting across Los Angeles County

By City News Service

Nearly 200 people were arrested during a recent countywide enforcement operation that focused on the rescue and recovery of children who were sexually exploited commercially, authorities said today.

The joint law enforcement operation, dubbed Operation Reclaim and Rebuild, was conducted from Jan. 18 through Jan. 23, and took place during National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

Participating in the effort were members of the LAPD Detective Support and Vice Division Human Trafficking Unit; the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Human Trafficking Task Force; and the FBI’s Innocence Lost Task Force.

Vice investigators across the county conducted field operations to raise the public awareness of human trafficking by searching for potential sex trafficking victims, rescuing them and attempting to locate and arrest those who exploited them.

Operation Reclaim and Rebuild resulted in 198 potential human tr…

The revolution will be live streamed

By Brian Ries

The YouTube stream marks a new, visceral moment in violent anti-government uprisings, as it provides, for the first time, a direct window into the minds of the militiamen.

Members of the media left the occupied area Wednesday morning after the FBI warned them it was no longer safe to stay. That warning was clearly heard by the gunmen, who openly wondered what would happen next and questioned why the media would leave when everybody knows that is just government double speak for we're going to kill those guys now and don't want it recorded, incase someone tries to surrender or appeal for first aid.

With the media gone, they are preparing for bloodshed

After weeks of stating the occupation was peaceful, Tuesday night's events appeared to shift the militia members' mentality. The militiaman screamed into the camera multiple times on Wednesday that supporters of the occupation should kill FBI agents who were blocking the roads in and out of the occupied area.