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Monday, January 18, 2016

Proof Positive: George W Bush and Co ordered the RAPE of innocent Iraqi (detainees) CHILDREN

By Christopher R Rice

Some comments from Reddit:
LibertyAboveALL Difficult to spread this message given the source. Needs to be confirmed by more credible people.
StillBurningInside Published On Friday, May 02, 2014-
this is the second bullshit site I've seen this week to bring up these articles from 2014..When you go back to the original source, it's an uncorroborated complaint made by a detainee.  
DumbsBot (My response) I've also published articles by US military interrogators that have said the same thing. As well as collaborating photos and video. As well as a US General who said he's viewed photos of detainees being sodomized by US personnel.