I Don't Write Articles.

By Christopher R Rice

I do not write articles. Jello Biafra said he "blows minds for a living". I can be a bit of a 'shock jock' in the old tradition but that's not what I do either. I've been called the 'Rush Limbaugh of Anarchy' and took it as a compliment. Currently, I'm running a bunch of CIA 'psy-ops' on the general pop. But recently, I've gained the attention of the FBI and so now I'm running a CIA op on the FBI to see how many I can flip, Snowden style. Come to the light, Luke. Don't go to the Darkside, Cheney belongs in a prison and has given every man, woman and child in America a bad name. The only way now to redeem ourselves would be to arrest Cheney and Rumsfeld and have a fair and speedy trial with all of the evidence, none left out. Putting a black guy in the White House who cowardly bombs woman and children with no trial, lawyers or evidence Drone Style, did not redeem us. America is not Superman, we are the Super Villain.

But where is a good whistleblower suppose to go these day, anyways? Go to prison like John Kiriakou or Chelsea Manning and get thrown into indefinite solitary confinement, Torture- American Style? Or forced to hide out like Julian Assange or Edward Snowden?

F--- that, my nigg--. Chris has rebuilt the Underground! Underground Railroad, safe houses all across the US and the world. And rebuilding the Underground Resistance. You can stay living free, off the grid.

Time to TESTIFY.

I received a comment about something I wrote called "How the CIA overthrew the United States of America". It went something like, 'I enjoyed the article but thought that you oversimplified things a bit'. Which was the point of that article. It puts a name and a face to an enemy that use to be described only as the Illuminati or Free Masons or some other nameless, faceless, unbeatable enemy. Now we have names, locations. The odds are still against us but now it's a battle that can be won. We can defeat them and we will defeat them.

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