(Tupacs) Last Wordz

By Tupac and Christopher R Rice (feat. Ice Cube, Ice-T)

Chris and Tiff
Underground in the mutha-fuckin' house, the nigga you love to hate. Yo, here comes the nigga with the terror, the paranoid, got's to get the boy. Get your steel 'cuz I feel like a headbanger. Yah, I got a gang of hits, my style's, my uzzie weighs a mutha-fuckin' ton. Burning down one, burning down two,
burning down your crew, mutha fuck you.

Pigs wear blue, I'm where? Black Bloc.

Cause god damn it's a brand new payback. Fuck Vanna White and fuck Pat Sajak, never did nothing for a nigga on tha trigga, the zigga, the zag, the nickel, the bag, the nigga, the sag, the forty five mag got you runnin' like a fag. So, keep your mutha-fuckin' jokes. Cuz, I'm that nigga with a fresh pair of locs. No jokes, no smokes, I ain't got time for that now.

Dumbass jealous crackers can't ever sag 'cuz them dirty drawers, your friends, not! Ain't nuttin but a bunch of snitches, PC'd up. I shank 'em, buried in water. Young niggas, big cars, phat sounds, drop dope beats, blast on ya' in the club, a minute to midnight.

Underground in the mutha fuckin' house. Word to the mutha fuckin G I break crazy. A lot of niggas hate me but they can't fade me. Stop me, clock me, cops wanna glock me, mutha fuck, mutha fuck pigs can't stop me. UHH, am I a G, I got proof. Banged in my youth, keep niggas on the roof with a scope, yo, Cube keep the scope, Tupac come out blastin' like Yosemite Sam.

So what's up punk?

You want what I got? Step to me wrong, fuck around and get shot! Your moms crying, fuck her, bust her. Bitch start screaming to me and I'll dust her. Pops got the LP phat, track on hit. Laid by the mutha fuckin' Bobcat. Twenty-sixteen sucka's want me to go out. Throw the hoe out, bitch mutha fucker, I'm rich!!

Underground in the mutha fuckin' house.


Got any last wordz? Now they're after me, why? 'Cuz a niggas loud, too proud? Sit back, ain't afraid to pull a triggar back. Let 'em come step to a real mutha-fucker. Mama ain't raised no suckers.

Dan Quayle, don't you know, you need to get your ass kicked? Where was you when there was niggas in the caskets? Mutha-fucker rednecks all the same. Feel a real nigga if he ain't balled and chained. That's why we burn shit and wreck, cause the punk police ain't learned shit yet. You mutha-fuckas gonna pay the price, can't make a black life, don't take a black life. It's on, the next real nigga fall dead, Dred, jheri curl, process, or bald head. Be prepared for the smoke to bust.

What niggas need to do is start loc'in up. United we stand divided we fall. They can shoot one nigga, but they can't take us all.

Let's get along with the Mexicans and we can all have peace on the sets again. Imagine that if it took place LOL keeping the smiles off their white faces. I ain't racist but lets trade places, trace the hate 'n face it.

One nigga teach two niggas, three teach four niggas. And them niggas teach more niggas. And when we blast, that'll be the biggest blast that they've ever heard. And them is my last wordz.

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EDITORS NOTE: I wonder how many people understand the point of the above article? It's like a parable, I guess. Both Pac and Malcolm X tried to show the Latinos and the Asians that they would never be accepted as whites by the whites. They knew this from experience. Mulatto's and Creoles knew.

But instead, both tried, uh, I correct myself, everyone tried to become white. Straighten their hair, and be as racist as the white man. But where has it got you? Damn, Martin Luther King and a whole generation had to fight just to sit down at a counter and eat next to the white man.

Where's the reward for being so damn obedient and step and fetch it? Whites cried 'reverse discrimination' when they were forced to go to school with you or eat in the same restaurant. And if you're Latino, you must realize that whites will never accept you as white, no matter how racist you become. So, you've decided to out breed everyone else. But you and your children, would not have to kiss white ass, all damn day long, if you simply joined up with the blacks and Asians.

You'd already out number us because you already do. But you and I can see that this will never happen. I almost got killed in LA County jail when I suggested it. But as soon as you get into jail, they 'divide and conquer'. All races are divided, the inmates do this themselves. Unknown to them that the deputies started this race shit to keep you weak and in line. Because, as any criminal can attest to, we way out number the jailers. The only way they can control us is to 'divide and conquer'.

Christopher R Rice and his pet Python
It's a military tactic. And they use it on the general pop. It is not the only military operation being used against the domestic population by the elites for control, but it is the most obvious.

Democrats versus Republicans, union workers versus scabs, woman versus men, heterosexuals versus homosexuals, immigrants / refugees versus everyone else, Christians versus Muslims, rich versus poor, the scrawny versus the overweight, on and on it's everywhere. Like a plague that just keeps spreading. Hate, hate and more hate. Get up in the morning and start your day off with some hate. God bless America, land of haters.  

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