Message to the soldiers / Souijahs part II

By Christopher R Rice

Are you aware of how the government has attacked the Bundy's while appearing to remain neutral?

I did not write about the first stand off in Nevada at the Bundy ranch. Because I was not involved. I'm not a rancher and I don't live in Nevada. This stand off in Oregon has been going on for about a week or so now and I haven't wrote anything about it. Again, I'm not a rancher and I'm not in Oregon.

But the Bundys left Nevada, their homes, their families to go and defend a rancher and his son in Oregon, from the federal government.

And still I've had nothing to say.

I've read a couple of stories from our biased media. Saw the obvionse slants and watched as the story trickled in but didn't give it much more thought than that- until our government began using the children against them.

What a sick bunch of people are running America that they would use little children that way.

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But then I already knew that the US government authorized the torture of children, so I guess I'm not too surprised that my government is now using American children to fight the Bundy's.

I know what you're thinking: Chris what the hell are you talking about?

Look closely at how the government is fighting this. Everyone's in shock that there hasn't been any riot police or WACO style massacre, right? But what did they do instead?

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They closed the public schools. With all the school shootings that have taken place our government officials chose to scare and terrorize the residents by claiming that their children were in danger.

Exactly what danger were the children in if they boarded buses and went to school-from a handful of political activist in a remote forestry office building?

Now, parents who were use to getting up and going to work, have to deal with their kids being home indefinitely... ostensibly for their own safety.

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And we saw how quickly the mood changed from faint support of the Bundy's Direct Action to a town that's now demanding that the government take action and remove them by force.

The government has also been able to paint the Bundy's as religious nuts even though I have not heard one reference to god, church or spirituality from the Bundy's.

But then I'm sure that my government would've branded Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine as religious nuts too.

It should not matter to you now, if you support what the Bundy's are doing or not because what our elected officials are doing is unconscionable.

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How many of you, had to hide under your little wooden school desk, while air raid sirens went off and you were told the Russians were going to nuke us at any second, to smithereens?? While in fact, the Russians were still using horse and buggies and couldn't afford a loaf of bread.

While we were surrounded by two great bodies of water-The Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, we were frightened and psychologically tortured as children so that the Military industrial complex could build crap like Ronald Reagans Star Wars and stick us with a $17 trillion dollar bill, and laugh all the way to the bank.

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So it should not matter to you, if you support what the Bundy's, BLM (Black Lives Matter), OWS (Occupy WallSt.), The Tea Party or whoever is doing, because they are the only ones willing to stand up to these psychopaths running our country. 

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Look it up- Americas only number one when you compare us to some third world hell hole. Compare us to any other industrialized nation like Germany, Japan, Canada and we rank last.

America is not #1 not in education, not in woman's rights, not in press freedom, not in healthcare, not in standard of living or anything else.

So stop acting like we have the luxury to just sit back and not get involved.
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