My Dr. Wants me to get Cancer So he can keep his license

By Christopher R Rice

I've had three work related injuries while being a caregiver.

The first two I was able to keep working through. The last injury has kept me from working. I filed for SSI but their doctor says that I can go back to work, my doctor says otherwise.

But that's not why my doctor wants me to get cancer.

To receive my paid meds I have to go to a pain specialist who has to drug test me for the DEA. My doctor tells me that the DEA has threatened to pull his license to practice medicine if he continues to prescribe pain meds to anyone that test positive for THC (marijuana) and is not a cancer patient.

So, I've been running all over trying to get me some cancer. I don't know what I'm doing wrong? I've been spending a lot of time inside buildings that have the sign: "material in this building known to cause cancer to the State of Calif...." And I've also been eating a lot of McDonalds food 'cuz they have a sign outside that says "McDonald's food is known to cause cancer..." But so far, no luck. So I've ordered a bunch of xrays, see if that don't do it.

Here's the kicker though, the first two work accidents I had they put me on Oxycontin (80mg) and when I lost my insurance the doctor prescribing the Oxys told me to smoke weed for my pain. I have a license from the state of Calif. to smoke, buy and grow marijuana but my "pain specialist" has cut off my pain meds after I told him that I've quit smoking weed on his orders.

Now I can't sleep or eat and I'm in constant pain - I thought we'd defeated the Nazi's in 1944 but they're here and they're running the DEA.

So after all of this, I turn on the news and the head of the DEA has made a statement that marijuana has no medicinal value. Exactly what kind'a Cracker Jack Banana Republic are we running here, anyways?

Back in the day, when some politician said some crazy crap like that we'd tar and feather him. Today, people sign petitions to be sent to the Prez., Congressperson, what-the-fuck-ever, like masturbation without orgasm. Like some tweeker jerkin' on his limp dick all day. 

Everyone's afraid of big bad marijuana. I'm scared of my government, they've done more damage to my person than marijuana ever has.

The government needs to come with a warning label:
Being a citizen can get you hurt.

They've taken away my freedom twice. Stripped me of my rights to own a firearm, vote, drive, work and now get my prescriptions from my doctor. I've had my house broken into twice by my government, once they stole my plants, another time they stole my laptop and camera. Because, I stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from the music industry ("Death Row is the label that pays me") and got caught pimpin'. Yet, I paid my debt to society ie did my time and I completed my probation without a single violation. Still, no one will hire a felon.

But it's not enough for you heartless, soulless, sexless bastards in the government though is it. Now you want my lousy Norcos or my weed. Might as well be living in Russia or China, I swear. Pry get more rights livin' freakin' anywhere but here.

Crazy white boy seeks cancer patient to screw to see if I can catch me some cancer. Please be a real cancer patient, this is not a test.

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