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Police arrest prostitute after her online ad tells police to save gas money for doughnuts


WFMZ A Pennsylvania woman was arrested Monday after allegedly calling out police in online posts advertising prostitution. 

According to police, Alyssa Ambrosino of Chambersburg posted a listing online Jan. 13 that read in part, "Hey guys it's Marie or you can call me Lyssa. I'm working in Bartonsville within the jurisdiction of East Stroud PD. A police department that couldn’t find their own *expletive* with both hands and a map, so don’t bother even trying to call and set up a date. Save your gas money for doughnuts and leave me alone because flashing a badge isn't going to get you a discount. For all the REAL men out there I would love to see you."

On Monday, detectives found another ad that appeared to have been posted by Ambrosino. An undercover police officer arranged to meet Ambrosino at her hotel room.

Monroe County District Attorney detectives, along with Stroud Area Regional Police, set up surveillance at the hotel. Ambrosino told the undercover officer to come to her hotel room.

When Ambrosino answered the door she was wearing only a t-shirt and underwear. She invited the officer in but when he attempted to pay her and talk about sex she suddenly said that she was uncomfortable and asked him to leave. The officer exited the room. Police believed she caught on and knew that he was a police officer.

At this time, a second undercover officer, a female, went up and knocked on the door. Ambrosino answered and the undercover officer asked why her husband was in that hotel room. Ambrosino stated, "Ask him or come in and I'll tell you!"

The female officer then went into the room and observed a clear plastic container of marijuana on the night stand. Ambrosino was placed under arrest.

Detectives found a small amount of marijuana, three marijuana cigarettes, blunts, a large sum of money, two cell phones and condoms. Detectives also located the lingerie that she was wearing in her advertisement.

After waiving her right to remain silent, Ambrosino admitted to police that she has been a prostitute since she was 18 years old and admitted to previous arrests for prostitution.

Ambrosino was taken to Monroe County Correctional Facility Central Booking to be fingerprinted and photographed. She will appear in court at a later date.  
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