The revolution will be live streamed

By Brian Ries

The YouTube stream marks a new, visceral moment in violent anti-government uprisings, as it provides, for the first time, a direct window into the minds of the militiamen.

Members of the media left the occupied area Wednesday morning after the FBI warned them it was no longer safe to stay. That warning was clearly heard by the gunmen, who openly wondered what would happen next and questioned why the media would leave when everybody knows that is just government double speak for we're going to kill those guys now and don't want it recorded, incase someone tries to surrender or appeal for first aid.

With the media gone, they are preparing for bloodshed

After weeks of stating the occupation was peaceful, Tuesday night's events appeared to shift the militia members' mentality. The militiaman screamed into the camera multiple times on Wednesday that supporters of the occupation should kill FBI agents who were blocking the roads in and out of the occupied area.

“IT IS ON!” he yelled, staring directly into the camera, telling people who were headed there to "kill them" if stopped by federal agents.

They are openly calling for supporters to assassinate federal agents

The man returned continually to the camera to alternatively call for backup from ex-members of the military, shame others who had elected to stay home (a group the man called the "Buffalo Holsters" was singled out for not being there) and instruct people to murder federal agents who had set up nearby roadblocks.

At one point, the man, wearing camouflage and sporting a beard, said his wife was with him at the compound, and that they were fighting for their children's future. Another militant, also unnamed, walked up to the camera and said the first man's wife had "bigger balls" than anyone watching.

A larger man instructed the others to be ready to load their guns with ammunition, and never to set their guns down. He admonished one man in particular who had put down his gun, noting the FBI's raid could come at any moment and he wouldn't be ready to fight back.

These men aren't going down without a fight

At least three men, but very likely more, stood near the camera and an earth-mover. All were armed to the teeth.

The "DefendYourBase" YouTube channel, the live video shows men, wearing camouflage and carrying rifles, fortifying their position and preparing for a shootout with the federal government.

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