Message to my fellow felons

By Christopher R Rice

I do not know you or your particular situation so I'll tell you about mine. I got pulled over once for speeding. I was never offered driving classes. I was told to pay $600. or lose my license to drive. I'd just lost my job and so I set up payment arrangements with the court for $50. a month that I knew that I could not pay. Since I did not pay they suspended my license.

Like I said, I don't know you or where you live but where I live in California no one will hire you if you don't have transportation. The bus system where I live has been improving but you still can't rely on them to get you anywhere on time.

I've been without a license for six years now. I also have two felonies. One out of LA County where I did nine months waiting for a trial  that they were never going to give me. I was offered a six month deal when I was arrested. Knowing I could beat the charge, I opted for a trial. After nine months I realized I would never be given a trail and took the next offer. I've been told repeatedly that if you can survive LA Country jail that you can survive anywhere.

I have another felony out of Riverside County. They tried to give me three years, I knew they didn't have a case against me but I had no way to fight. I was caged. No one even knew where I was. My public defender refused to do his job but I managed to get the DA down to six months and probation.

I'm not here to complain about any of the above. I admit to my crimes and I accept full responsibility. Which to me means, I did my time, paid my debt to society, even completed three years of probation without a single violation, that should be it right? I tried to have my felony expunged in Riverside, they said sure no prob once you give us $1,600. for your probation fees. I never even saw a probation officer, I reported to a fuckin' kiosk.

So now everyone does background checks and guess what, no one will hire a felon. Some places won't even rent to felons. And if that's not bad enough they made it so we can't even vote. They have taken away our citizenship. We are no longer Americans.

Now who's fault is that? Who keeps voting in these law and order assholes? The same people who believe that criminals should be raped while they are in prison. Who am I talking about? Americans, that's who. Remember, you are no longer an American, our government has stripped us of that. Our enemy is the Americans. It's very simple. How many times have you heard that if moderate Muslims didn't support terrorism they'd speak out against it? The same goes for Americans. If the American public won't speak up against their own governments atrocities than it must be because they support atrocities. Matter of a fact, when some poor defenseless child is shot in the back with his hands up by the police, don't Americans hold rallies and raise money for the cop? Could you imagine moderate Muslims holding rallies and raising money for terrorist? What is the difference?

I've recently published a lot of articles about CPS stealing peoples children from them because they smoke weed. How many people in this country have been locked away just for smoking a joint. And again, I do not hear any outcry from the American public. They just want more tougher, longer sentences. So what would be wrong with going to an elementary school and snatching up some of their children. I know that sounds extreme but they do it to us every day. And I don't know about you but I'm tired of being in a war and not fighting back. I know you're saying woe Chris, who's in a war? Um, didn't ya'll declare a war on drugs so that the police could harass me? Since my own government has declared war on me and this war is supported by American citizens they have chosen their enemies. I did not start this war. But if you're going to declare war on me why shouldn't I fight back.

I say we start with the flag wavers. Their houses are decorated in flags.

Here's the thing, get caught and it's another BDSM party with LE. So I wrote to help you stay free. How to commit crime and get away with it. I've been a criminal for over thirty five years and I've been busted twice. What I learned I'm sharing for free. Because if Americans think that rape is a fitting punishment for those of us incarcerated, I say lets rape them first. Why not? We have nothing to lose and I don't know about you but I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

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