Message to the SoulJahs (CIV)

By Christopher R Rice

Last week I wrote an article where I called the police terrorist. And you say 'woe Chris, cops aren't terrorist'. But cops and crackers been terrorizing us for a long time now.

After they got rid of the sheets and burning crosses they started showin' up in dem black and whites. Momma aint't raised no dummies. Just 'cuz  ya'll done changed uniforms don't mean shit. It's still the same hypocrisy, the same brutality.

So ya'll can believe whatever ya'll want to believe. When ya'll ready to grow the f*ck up and stop believin' in Santa Claus, ya'll let me know.

I ben fightin' the man for over thirty five years and I ain't goin' nowhere. Gave Reagan headaches, kept Nancy up at night. The puppets in charge better grab some Tums, we're about to toss them up the way we get tossed up in our cells every mother f*ckin' day.

I beat your police stings. Beat the FBI. Stuck my finger in the CIAs eye. Published Snowden's leak two years before anyone ever heard his name. Now everyone's in hiding or rotting in a prison cell. 

Video I made 2009, before the Snowden leaks.

Watching our teachers die or get assassinated. Everyone that stands up, ends up in chains. Try to ban me everywhere I go. No respect from my peers. Put my fist in the air but it seems to go nowhere.

Here we go again. They say it's 2016 but it feels more like the Dark Ages. Racism, sexism, homophobia, slave wages, prison planet explosion.

It's not just brutal cops, corrupt politicians, dark money funded elections, medicine that does more harm than good, immoral banking system with zero interest to penalize the savers and reward the borrowers.

It's not just about bad roads, fleeing industry, rising inflation, stagnation, recession, oppression. Government shakedown on the hard workin' man, rewards for fraudulent Wall Street scams. It's not just that and it's all of that and so much more.

I got on the net against my better judgment and quickly raised an army. Then they slipped everyone some pixie dust, "drink your Kool-Aid" and ya'll thought voting in a Democrat would get everyone high. Instead, ya'll got conned again.

Now, thanks to Google, I couldn't raise bread with yeast.

Remember me sweatin' ya'll? Gitmo still open, ain't leavin Afghanistan.

The US Army can't beat a bunch of goat herders (al-Qaeda) that don't even have an air force, a navy, or even a military budget. 

Wait till whitey meets ISIS and dem pretty white boys get their heads lopped off on MTV. Spring break bytch.

Hey America, your show got cancelled. I got the new TVGuide and ya'll ain't in it. 

People like me ben shoutin' for so long our throats are sore. I remember Sinead O'Connor on SNL ripped the pope and ya'll called the b*tch crazy.

All we ever wanted was to wake you up to help us save the children. Can't do this all on my own.

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