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What Good are International Laws when the US can flagrantly Disregard Them?

By Christopher R Rice

Hello, I have some questions. It feels like I'm from another planet, when I hear candidates say they will go after a terrorist family members and the presidential candidate is told the US military will disobey orders. Am I in some alternate universe? Because didn't this already happen? Didn't George W Bush do just that, go after alleged terrorist wives and children? Didn't John Woo write secret memos authorizing that very thing when he worked at the Justice Department? Didn't I report on the kidnapping and torture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's children on this very blog, years ago. And then wasn't I forced by Google to remove my torture pictures carried out by the US military, including pictures of tortured children or lose .21 cents a day from AdSense  (Googles ad department).

This world can make you go crazy. Remember when I told you that if we didn't prosecute Bush and Co. that future presidents would have powers outside the US Cons…