What Good are International Laws when the US can flagrantly Disregard Them?

By Christopher R Rice

Hello, I have some questions. It feels like I'm from another planet, when I hear candidates say they will go after a terrorist family members and the presidential candidate is told the US military will disobey orders. Am I in some alternate universe? Because didn't this already happen? Didn't George W Bush do just that, go after alleged terrorist wives and children? Didn't John Woo write secret memos authorizing that very thing when he worked at the Justice Department? Didn't I report on the kidnapping and torture of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's children on this very blog, years ago. And then wasn't I forced by Google to remove my torture pictures carried out by the US military, including pictures of tortured children or lose .21 cents a day from AdSense  (Googles ad department).

This world can make you go crazy. Remember when I told you that if we didn't prosecute Bush and Co. that future presidents would have powers outside the US Constitution. And still have the right to kidnap, torture, hold indefinitely, without bail or charges anyone? Even US citizens. And that every country to use torture eventually uses it on their own citizens. Now, we have a candidate who publicly, is offering to torture not just the alleged terrorist but also their wives and children. So I will ask you again, if the US can flagrantly disregard international laws then what f'n good are they, people?

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The CIA admits to breaking the law and spying on the Senate so we gave them more money. Now we find out about nude photographs taken by the CIA of detainees, guess we better give them some more money, huh?

The truth about the law is that it's a lie. It is there to serve two purposes:

1.) to keep you in line and

2.) to shake you down for money

The whole US government/system is corrupt and everybody knows it. Your laws are a joke and your whole countries broke.

Ya know what? Torturing children worked out so well for George W Bush and Co., that we haven't had one terrorist attack since, so why stop at children? Let's torture a terrorist fetus while were at it, show them what kind'a Banana Republic were runnin' over here.

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Back to my question. We know that Bush and Co. ordered torture, we've got the memos, testimony from US interrogators, tons of evidence, hell, we even have photographic evidence that the Justice Department refuses to release. Sounds like obstruction of justice to me but I ain't no lawyer. And Cheney bragging about it. Then we have the invasion of a sovereign nation (Iraq) on trumped upped charges. So, what good are international laws when the US can flagrantly disregard them? Where is the justice? There is none, it's all BS.

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They reward the criminals in the US with bailouts and lock up the whistleblowers and try to hunt them down like Edward Snowden, while the NSA flagrantly breaks the law. Your laws are a joke and only in place to keep the poor poorer and the rich richer. Everything about America is a lie.

Americans aren't what they claim to be, Americans are fascist who are about to elect a fascist dictator. I was talking to an older friend the other day and I told him "this is like Mussolini all over again." And he said, "who's Mussolini?"

PS. I know that you are in denial and can not accept the reality that is as plain as the nose on your face, so let me tell you one more thing... When they start the night of the long knives and Megan Kelly mysteriously disappears don't quote me boy 'cuz I ain't said shit.

EDITORS NOTE: I have republished at my own expense, everything that Google made me remove. It is now available here-

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