By Christopher R Rice

I was going to write something today but when I looked at the last article that I published here it only got 55 hits. That's after I personally posted it to the world wide web, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. I guess that what I write isn't worth reading? There's no comments and my Paypal account is empty too. Guess what I do/say isn't worth a damn, so why bother? So, today I didn't write something, there's no point, enjoy. Maybe it'll be better this way, you can go back to dealing with the cops and the government on your own and I'll keep this info to myself and go back to enjoying my life. Much Love -Chris

Jeez Chris with these numbers you couldn't even take over a Taco Bell. How ya' ever going to arrest the Prez? Chris is going to the beach, teach ya'll how to make salt.

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