A Note to Ghost Sec RE: BLM

By Christopher R Rice

Three men and one broke down pickup. Stuck at Kmart's parking lot, hood up, grease up to their elbows. Third day down, the one under the hood erupts, begins yelling and kicking the truck. One of the two guys with him said something to him. I'm parked across the street, cigarette dangling from my lips.

The guy screamin' grabs the front of the truck and with one good tug rips the fender clear off and begins beating the front of the truck with the fender. Then he throws the fender in the direction of one of the other guys with a few choice words on the side.

Oh no, standin' behind me, busybody lady callin' 911, pry got nothin' better to do.

Yelling ends. Guy who threw the fender is in the passenger seat smokin' a cig, relaxin'. And up pulls an unmarked pig car and then a black and white. Being across the street I can't hear a word being said and could care less. It looks like the guy in the truck is sayin' somethin' like 'nah, officer, don't know what you're talkin' 'bout'. 'Cuz the cop keeps stepping back running his hand on a big dent and shruggin' his shoulders. Then the cops hop back in their piggy wagons and leave. No citation, no ticket, no nothin'.

So when the infighting began the Underground didn't have sh*t to say. BLM said somethin' I thought long overdue. Somethin' 'bout genocide and white devils. Then the Ghost Sec / Anonymous shut down BLM website.. 'cuz 'BLM sounds too much like the KKK' according to Ghost Sec.

WAIT, one Gawd damn minute here, what. When did any white boy have to suffer 500 years of slavery? When did any cracker have to hear 'You can't eat here, sit here, study here'. Yeah, well that's what I thought. So, how in the hell can Ghost Sec compare a honest and intelligent response to 500+ years of racism to anything that the KKK espouses. YOU CAN'T.  

But don't quote me boy, 'cuz the Underground ain't said shit.

Mind your own gawd damn business people and stop trying to control everybody and everything, including what people think.

C'mon, if your family has been in some Hatfield and McCoy feud for the last 500 years and your name was McCoy, you might just think that genocide of anyone named Hatfield, might be the only / best solution. Especially, if you never even started the shit and instead of demanding the back pay you're owed the only thing you want is equal treatment and instead all you get is hatred and discrimination.

If you think blacks should forgive and forget try bein' black for a day and tell me what you think, then.

Why do I say that, this is 2016 right? WRONG, this is the Dark Ages. My last girl was black, I live in "liberal" California, right? Guess again. We couldn't even go to the store without someone givin' us hard stares. I never see color, so I'd ask her, do you know that muther fu*ker? And she'd have to remind me that we were a mixed couple. 

That ain't shit. Remember last week they beat up some TS in TX? Try walkin' down any street in TX with a black girl under your arm, you won't see the light of day. But go ahead Ghost Sec with your weak ass DOS attacks, whatever. If I was you I'd mind my own damn biz.

C'mon, come mess with the Underground and get your ass knocked the fu*k out. You dig? Bytch.

Snitches, mind control, I can't stand you two faced bytches. Try to control the revo-fuckin-lution.

You want, um, no I guess Ghost Sec demands that everyone follow Dr. King's dream. But wait a sec, maybe my dream comes from Malcolm X or H. Rap Brown, is that okay with y'all.

Oh well, mess with the Underground and you mess with some real muther fu*kin G's. We won't shut your website down. We'll shut you down.

Can't work together? Let them divide and conquer ya'll. Pathetic. Infighting, bickering, while your enemy regroups, trains, prepares. And fighting in public, huh, note to all black revolutionaries, these crackers don't even kno the first rule. Keep family biz, family. These dumb punks took this public. Only thang worse than a White Devil is a Liberal, heads up Cuzz. Peace out!

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