Does Anyone Else Know About This

By Christopher R Rice

First, a big thank you to everyone who's been reading and following me. This is for you. Besides a heads up, I also need to know who else is aware of these plans. So far it seems that only Russia, China and the Saudis are aware of this but I hope that I'm wrong.

So, if anyone else out there has any information on what I'm about to disclose please get in touch with me. Everyone else, I'm sorry to poop in your Cheerios, I'd much rather be delivering a hand full of drugs than this shi**y newz.

First, there's many variables and not everything is set in stone. Simply because those making the plans can't predict everyone else's behavior or reactions. Most, but not everyone's. That's where we come in.

So, lets start with the certainties. Donald Duck is elected President which leads to urban warfare / civil war. America is not letting go of Syria and will provoke Russia and China into WWIII, over Russia's oil deal with China.

That much I know. I've wrestled with writing about it, but why bother?

Iran and Korea are loose cannons, intentionally. America is hoping and has been attempting to provoke Russia and China into open conflict since they went around the petro dollar in their oil deal. Big Oil and Big Banks may or may not crash the stock market to get Trump elected.

Update: A strong economy would guarantee a Clinton victory / presidency. And last time I checked the 'powers-that-be' didn't want Clinton in the White House or she would've beat Obama eight years ago.

I've exposed and stopped these things before during the Reagan years.

I do not need to talk to you if you merely have heard shit in the media and have funny feelings. I need to talk to the real mutha fu*kers out there that want to take advantage of the holes left in their fu*ked up plans. That instead of whining and blogging about this cra*, want to use it against the muther fu*kers.

Here's how to contact me:

Go to Create chat room, text link to:

949-288-1173 There is no internet on this phone line so give me a few minutes to respond. This is an extremely secure line. I will not use this line / phone to talk to you because I do not know that your line is secure. Thank you and good luck.

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