I Hate America

By Christopher R Rice

I really need to find another job. Not only don't I make any money as a writer but this job sucks. America sucks and I'm tired of having to write about so much injustice and abuse. I first started writing about torture committed by the U.S. military because the MSM and Pentagon kept most of the story buried. Somehow CNN forgot to mention the raping of Iraqi children. So I had the torturous job of publishing the pictures until Google demanded that I remove them and then Google started removing my blogs, leaving me with just this one.

Then the police murder rate got so high, let me clarify, when I say 'police murder rate' I'm referring to unarmed civilians murdered by our own government, the FBI and Justice Department got involved. But my fellow Americans were not supporting the victims but the criminals, the cops that had lied and murdered our children in cold blood. Since no one believed the victims, I published domestic abuse reports. Because if the cops are going home and beating on their wives and children to the point that they require hospitalization then maybe my fellow Americans would see the truth and demand justice. But that never happened.   

Like when the children came forward about being raped by their priest or rabbi, the priest was moved and promoted and the other parishioners when they found out held rallies supporting the rapist.

Last week I had the misfortune to write an article about how children are being caged in facilities for the disabled all across America. As I researched that article I became aware that this was going on in our public schools. Children are being restrained, mostly disabled children (autistic) but it's not limited to just the disabled. I found a training video for a middle school on how to restrain our children. I published that article and the video here-


Then I received a comment. Someone was very excited to see that this information was finally being leaked. In reality, I hadn't leaked anything because legislation was passed in 2013 to give educators guidelines on using restraints against our children. Those guidelines haven't helped though because children are still dying from being retrained.

So I asked this person who left this comment to give me their story and I'd publish it. Turns out the comment comes from a seventh grader. His story is horrifying. It sounds like the torture that took place in Iraq. Bright lights, loud music, restraints, death by torture, humiliation, suggested suicide.

Everyone's first reaction of course will be the same. Disbelief. It's easier to believe the priest or the rapist. That's easy. Responsibility averted. But before I received this comment, I researched this, I know that what this kid is telling me is the truth. The dead bodies keep piling up and dead kids don't lie. I'm going to publish his story below without editing it.

I don't hold out any hope for this child or this writer. I do not expect you to do the right thing. And that's why I hate America. And I'm really starting to hate you too.

So, Chris, uh what exactly would be the right thing to do? SHUT 'EM DOWN. We march to the schools, we remove our children and we stay outside the schools picketing and protesting. And we let everyone know exactly what is going on and put a stop to it. Back in the old days we used tar and feathers. Today you have to leave the pitchforks at home.

Here is his story, unedited...

I was sent to a special ed class when I was in 2nd grade, halfway through the year. It was terrible, they were constantly 'restraining' the kids and I had to go through so much. My mom at that time constantly bragged about how awesome the 'quiet' room was. Out of the rest of the kids, most of them weren't even very disabled, and very few were below average. One kid was there just because of humming, and was restrained constantly for no reason, along with the others. But as I saw all of these things happening, I always had one reaction, justice. Whenever I saw a teacher restrain a kid, I punched the teacher, while they were restraining the kid (2nd-3rd grade), the teacher had to let go of the kid, giving them time to run, and I sacrificed myself instead. While In the room, they would mock the kids, laugh at them and were smiling the whole time, but when other parents or kids came down, they said they hate doing it. Then it all changed, because I got changed special ed classes because of Intermediate elementary (4th-6th), which is when I got new teachers, which were quite 'different'. They most of the time rarely used it, but when they did, they absolutely ruined kids lives. One of the kids mom (single mom (latino family(only child))) had CANCER!! And he was the one who was treated the worst out of all of them, why? Because they picked up on my behavior towards their restraints, so whenever I 'did' something (which was usually another kid saying I did something I didn't and then the teachers took their word for it no matter what), they put a kid in there, forcing me to just watch, in awe of how brutal they were. But what when I look back, I noticed they did the worst, was their treatment towards autistic kids. As I said before one of the kids was their because of his humming, which was stimming... And he constantly was put into stressful situations from the kids bullying (lieing to the teachers). Eventually he was in burnout at age 11! And the teachers shined lights in his face and played loud music. Now your getting an idea of how I act and they punish me, well they did a similar thing to me for my non-neurotypical actions, they shined a flashlight in his eyes whenever I did anything autistic. Whats crazy is I didn't go into burnout, I don't know why, but I hadn't gone into burnout. I was never thrown in the quiet room which made me feel remorseful a lot. I realized what they were trying to get me to do... commit suicide, because they have this group that meets every Tuesday, and during that group, they talked about suicide, a lot. But they weren't against suicide, they were for it, and said things like: "if the columbine shooters just would've committed suicide like they should've, nobody would've died, except them". At sixth grade at least two of them had committed suicide, but I hadn't still, because I had a cause, telling the world of what their doing. I am now in 7th grade, still recovering from PTSD and depression. Please share my story, it would mean whats left of my concept of reality to me.

After reading his story, I realized that I do not even know this young mans name. I want to thank you for sharing this. It took a lot of courage. As I'm sure it also takes a lot of courage just to go to school every day. School should not hurt, I will get your story out.

I'm going to need help just to get this story on the net though as I have been banned by everyone. Today I received this from Reddit...

Your submission has been removed as it contains a link to copsrcorrupt.com from which we either receive a large amount of spam or have blacklisted because of low quality content.

God bless America.

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