President Clinton? Why Hillary will Never be President

By Christopher R Rice

Put a "Vote for Hillary" sign in your front yard and see what happens

October surprises for Trump?

Former Trump lover who discloses strange sexual fetishes and pictures of his extra small penis?

Former business ventures and investors with inside Trump information?

Pictures of a younger Trump partying? Drug use? Playboy mansion?

Past recorded comments?

No need. He's going to be trailing by at least 10 points by the time November comes around. The guy is a f*ck*ng moron.

LMAO, they're sending this moron into a presidential general election debate one on one against the most experienced and capable political figure that is not retired in the entire country.

She's going to have him for breakfast. She's going to tear him to little tiny pieces and spit him out for the rightards to bow their heads in horror at. It's going to be an international spectacle in which she is given her moment to return every favor the vast right wing conspiracy has ever bestowed upon her in one momentous event.

But it might not be like that because the standards for Trump and his Trumptards are so low. She'll probably just school him debate after debate after debate for hours at a time making him look like the complete f*ck*ng idiot he is. Just laying waste to him in one awkward cringe worthy unbelievable moment after another.

I can't wait. The possibilities are endless.

So, I found the above in an underground forum and wanted to share it with you. The first problem I have with the above statement is that wasn't Hillary beat eight years ago by an unknown Senator from Chicago who'd never even been on a national stage? Wasn't she just as competent back then? If she couldn't beat some skinny kid from Chicago that no one had even heard of, how in the hell will she beat Donald Duck, oops I mean Trump.

And if the powers-that-be, you know the guys that really pull the strings around here didn't want Hillary in the White House eight years ago why would they want her in there now?

But the real reason a Clinton will never be allowed into the White House again, is China-Gate. Bill sold military secrets to the Chinese. Most of the story has been whitewashed but it wasn't a hanging chad that kept Al Gore out of the White House, it was treason. So don't bother Chelsea unless you want to get paid for taking a fall like your mom. Oops did I let the cat out of the bag? The fix is in and the taxpayer / voter falls for it every time. Suckers!

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