Urban Shaman

By Christopher R Rice

"I don't trust ABC News why would I trust 'Underground Newz'?" "Sounds like a 'boy band'".

You can not give trust. Trust must be earned. And while trust takes along time to build, it only takes one lie to destroy someone's trust in you forever.

I agree that the MSM (main stream media) should not be trusted simply because they are corporate sponsored. Which while, in and of itself does not make the MSM untrustworthy, historically information that was damaging to a products marketability has been kept out of print by advertisers threatening to pull their ads.

I've experienced the same 'censorship' here at Underground Newz and wrote about it when Googles ad company (AdSense) threatened to pull my AdSense account if I did not edit or remove photos of the US military torturing civilians (that were never even charged with a crime).

I wrote about it to let my readers know why the photos in question had been removed. And foolishly hoping that someone would donate the equivalent of my AdSense account so I wouldn't need to remove them, since I only earn about $100. every 4 months from AdSense.

But even though I'm not paid for my work, I'm suppose to be more accurate than a professional news organization with a staff, writers, editors and a budget. I feel that I've succeeded, it's easy. See, there's absolutely no motive for me to lie to you. I do not have a dog or a pony in the race. I'm not a Republican and I'm not a Democrat so I can give it to you straight.

But does that mean that you should trust me? Hell no, and I'll tell you why. I don't trust myself. See I've learned that humans error, only God is perfect, right? Since, I can not stop myself from making mistakes, I can't even trust myself, right? So why the hell would I trust you? I don't.

I also don't want or need your trust. You are on a free blog and I could be anybody. Take the information that you got here for free and do with it whatever you want, I just don't care. And why should I?

Most people that find something on the web take it with a grain of sand. I've produced master pieces comparable to the sixteenth chapel with sources, bibliographies, foot notes, links, you name it, only to be told "you're on a free blog, how do I know that I can trust this information?" Funny thing, those comments I received on news that was already ten years old by the time that I was reporting on it and even with photographic evidence my readers still questioned my honesty.

I don't really tolerate being called a liar in real life so I don't plan on taking your uneducated uninformed opinions over facts here either. Believe what you want to believe. Don't believe me, research it for yourself. You've wasted two minutes reading this garbage, right. So check the links in the articles when I feel like including them. And find out for yourself. I just open doors, I'm not here to hold your hand and wipe your ass, okay. And thanks for stopping by. You just wasted two minutes of my life that I will never get back.

See, my time is worth more than gold to me. You may waste your time watching reruns of 'I Love Lucy', or playing Angry Birds or Mortal Combat, or whatever, I just dunno. Most people I know run around, trying to save time. In the process they waste time. Because the truth is that time can not be saved, it can only be spent. But you can spend it wisely or foolishly.

Rule number one: Trust no one.

Keep it simple. Follow the rules. If you're not sure about a rule, refer to rule number one.

Rule number one: Trust no one.

This has been a message from Underground Newz. I hope I cleared up any confusion that you had about who you could trust.

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