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Where's your sources

By Christopher R Rice

Yesterday I published: "Iran stops a Terrorist Attack carried out/funded by the USA/CIA". For those of you following this blog, you know that my sources or trustworthiness are always being called into question.

According to the comments left on various social media sites it is because I'm "publishing on a free blog", "have pot ads", "sex ads", because I spell news with a "z", or as one comment said "I don't trust ABC news, why should I trust Underground Newz, sounds like a boy band".

Today I want to prove to you that this is only done by government trolls. The article in question, "Iran stops a Terrorist Attack carried out/funded by the USA/CIA" is full of sources. And yet I received three comments asking "where's the sources". One commenter went so far as to insult the look of my blog. Because we all know that it's how you look, not the content that matters most.

After …

Iran stops a Terrorist Attack carried out/funded by the USA/CIA (UPDATED: VIDEO Hllary Clinton)

By Christopher R Rice

Journalist Seymour Hersh has revealed that the Bush administration secretly trained an Iranian opposition group on the State Department’s list of foreign terrorists. Hersh reports the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command trained operatives from Mujahideen-e-Khalq, or MEK, at a secret site in Nevada beginning in 2005. According to Hersh, MEK members were trained in intercepting communications, cryptography, weaponry and small unit tactics at the Nevada site up until President Obama took office. The MEK has been listed as a foreign terrorist groups since 1997 and is linked to a number of attacks, spanning from the murders of six U.S. citizens in the 1970s to the recent wave of assassinations targeting Iranian nuclear scientists.

In 2006, Seymour Hersh reported that Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan (PEJAK) was a US proxy. Hersh said he was told, in November 2006, by a government consultant with close ties to the Pentagon civilian leadership of secret US support for…

You Can't Handle the Truth

By Christopher R Rice

I wrote an article, about a month ago on how the only way that Donald Duck would ever get elected is if Big Oil and the Big Banks crashed world financial markets. I also wrote why these same interest don't want Hillary in the White House or she would've been prez eight years ago.

Of course everyone told me that I was insane and that Hillary will be our next prez.

Todays headlines: "The Dow Jones Industrial Average has plummeted as global markets descended into chaos following Britain's vote to leave the European Union."

When I published articles about torture committed by US troops and provided photographic evidence I was called a liar, told that I was making it up. As if I was publishing some crazy crap about FEMA camps or Jade Helm round ups. But you believe that lunatic.

I think that you are all as crazy as he (Alex Jones) is. And I can prove it. Americans are as dumb as bricks. And here's my proof: Freddie Mercury named his band Queen, …

Reddit Unleashes the Hounds of Hell

By Christopher R Rice

Hi, I'm Chris and I run Underground Newz, and some other sites too. I treat Reddit, Facebook, Craigslist and whatever else, the same way I do my Twitter account.

Meaning that if I'm in the office, I'm posting. Sometimes I work 7 days a week.

I actually have an assistant (GF) that does the posting. 'D' post while I write, research and rebuild web pages, that didn't come out right the first two times, I built them.

I'm told that posting my own site to social networks is spamming. I tend to disagree. I was even told this before I put ads on my site. And the ads on my political site (this site) make me less than 50 cents a day. So why do I do it, if it's not for the money? Because, no one ever searches for political articles. So they won't get read otherwise.

At first I was only coping and pasting other writers articles because I had photographic evidence to add. They had the proof, the links, the sources. And I had the photos.

As I sa…

Global Stocks Rally as U.K. Referendum Vote Begins — Energy Journal

By Neanda Salvaterra WSJ


Energy and global stocks were up on Thursday as Britain began to vote in a referendum on its European Union membership, Riva Gold reports in The Wall Street Journal. Brent crude, the international benchmark, was up 1.12% at $50.44 in London trading, while U.S. oil prices rose 1.18% to $49.71.

The last volley of polls on Wednesday gave a mixed verdict—some for Leave but one with an eight-point edge for Remain. Betting markets, bookies and traders still lean toward Remain, a result that would represent the status quo and likely calm markets down. The polls close at 10 p.m. in the U.K. and results will begin trickling in after midnight, though conclusive results likely won’t be known until early Friday morning.

If the U.K. does vote to exit and the dollar strengthens, it could weigh on emerging markets with dollar-denominated debt and hinder the nascent recovery in commodity prices, tightening financial conditions just…

ISIS to Everyone: No Ones Life Matters

By YSA GOMEZ-GONZALEZ, Good Morning America

“No place is safe for anyone.”

“Orlando will be repeated. There is no sanctuary,” human rights activist Nadia Murad told the Senate Homeland Security Committee at the start of a hearing Tuesday.

That’s the chilling assessment a former ISIS captive has given U.S. lawmakers, recounting her harrowing tale of living in the grip of an international terrorist organization.

“[This] terrorist attack in Orlando continues the alarming trend of attacks on soft targets here in the U.S. and abroad,” Johnson said. “ISIS’ brutality towards women, homosexuals and other groups is overt, and these communities will continue to be vulnerable."

Murad, part of the non-Muslim Yazidi minority in Iraq and Syria, was forced by ISIS to become a sex slave when she was 19, she said.

“I was going to high school. I had dreams like every girl in the world. I wanted to become a teacher and build a family,” she told the Senate panel. “But our peaceful ways did not save us … T…

Alex Jones claims he was Raped and Probed by 1,400 Syrian Martian Muslim Refugees

By Christopher R Rice

I've spent all night on the phone with a sobbing Alex Jones. Trying to calm him down enough to hear his story through his sobs and crying.

He says that on his way home from the local bar he ran into a kid wearing a hoodie. Alex says that as he stumbled and reached for his side arm, he says he felt a warmness down his leg. He says that he thought he must've got shot in the leg, even though the kid wasn't armed. But, upon further inspection, Alex says he just wet himself.

Related article: Jade Helm WARNING

And by the time he found his gun and released the safety, he realized the kid with the hoodie had kept walking and was down the road. Alex says he realized that peeing upon himself must've saved him from getting robbed by that kid in the hoodie. And kept walking to his car.

But before he could reach his car he saw 13 bright lights coming at him from the sky. Some kind of hover craft, as Alex describes it, lands right in the parking lot, where he's…


By Missing Persons
Do you hear me
Do you care
Do you hear me
Do you care My lips are moving and the sound's coming out
The words are audible but I have my doubts
That you realize what has been said
You look at me as if you're in a daze
It's like the feeling at the end of the page
When you realize you don't know what you just read What are words for when no one listens anymore
What are words for when no one listens
What are words for when no one listens it's no use talkin at all I might as well go up and talk to a wall
'cause all the words are having no effect at all
It's a funny thing am I all alone Something has to happen to change the direction
What little filters through is giving you the wrong impression
It's a sorry state I say to myself What are words for when no one listens anymore
What are words for when no one listens
What are words for when no one listens it's no use talkin at all Do you hear me
Do you care
Do you hear me
Do you care Let me get by
Over your dead body

Alex Jones claims Orlando was “false flag” attack due to Muslim migration, yet shooter was born in U.S.

By Ben Norton

Far-right conspiracy theorist and Donald Trump supporter Alex Jones claims the massacre at a gay club in Orlando, Florida on Sunday that left 49 civilians dead was “a false flag terror attack” and a consequence of Muslim migration, even though the shooter was born in the U.S.

The right-wing pundit published a video to YouTube shortly after the attack in which he claims the U.S. government purposefully let the shootings in Orlando and San Bernardino happen in order to impose restrictions on free speech and take away Americans’ guns.
“Our government and the governments of Europe allowed these huge hoards of radical jihadis in, and even allowed them in without vetting them on record, landing in airports and not even checking their passports, IDs or visas,” he said.
“Our governments are bringing these people in and they’re allowing them to operate in our society, so they can attack us and then have our freedoms taken,” Jones continued.
Orlando shooter Omar Tareen was actually a U…