Does Trump Go Far Enough? (An Open Letter)

By Christopher R Rice

This is an Open Letter to Donald Trump.

Hello, sir. I'm very patriotic but not very conservative. Just the same, I could never vote for your opponent.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to vote, for sometime. Simply because all of the candidates have been 'open borders' candidates.

And while I support legal immigration 110%, I did not support Ronald Reagans "Amnesty" for illegals or any of the silliness that's gone on since then. Consequently, I have been unable to vote for either candidate or party. In a long time.

I consider that to be a damn dirty shame. My grandfather fought in WWII for this country. God rest his soul.

So your speeches on illegal immigration have been refreshing. I do not believe that you are a racist, it's just common sense. My problem is mostly that you or your policies just don't go far enough, sir.

In a phone interview with CNN Monday, Trump said that "for some reason, the Muslim community does not report people like this," referring to Omar Mateen, the Orlando gunman, who may have had mental problems.

Mr. Trump, it is as if you hadn’t heard about Dylann Roof, his white supremacist manifesto and his intention to start a race war.

On June 17 in Charleston, Roof had sat and listened for nearly an hour as a group of 12 studied a passage from the Gospel of Mark. Then, authorities say, he opened fire with a gun he received as a present for his 21st birthday.

Let me explain,

In advocating for his proposal to ban Muslim immigration to the U.S, Trump said on ABC Monday: "We have many people coming in whose hate is equal to his and just as bad and even worse, frankly. And, we have to stop people from coming in. We have no documentation, we don't know where they come from. They could be ISIS, in fact some of them have cell phones with ISIS flags on them."

Mateen was born in New York and was a U.S. citizen. Syed Rizwan Farook, who carried out the San Bernardino massacre last year with his immigrant wife, was born in Chicago and was a U.S. citizen. The majority of homegrown terrorism since 2001 was carried out by U.S. citizens, according to the New American Foundation.

Mr. Trump, when I say that your policies don't go far enough, this is only one problem with your proposals. During WWII our leaders knew that we were at war and treated it as such. Because of that the war was over in a very short time and America got back to producing goods and services that were sought after the world over.

During WWII, they didn't just block new immigrants as you have proposed, they rounded up every Asian American in the country.

Had that happened at the beginning of this so called war-on-terror, we could have prevented the San Bernardino, CA. massacre as well as the Orlando, FL. massacre. Instead, all of these people are dead. And nothing this government can do can bring them back.

It's a disgusting failure on the part of this government (the NSA, FBI, CIA) and the one before it to protect it's own citizens. Just disgusting.

This is why your policies, Mr. Trump do not go far enough. Your policies would not have prevented the San Bernardino massacre or the Orlando massacre. And no one that I know will vote for a politician that can not protect their families, would you?

And unfortunately Mr. Trump, your immigration policies are a joke as well. Here's why...

You have said that "Mexico has sent us rapist and murders". That you'd "round them up and send them back". "Build a wall along the southern border and make Mexico pay for it".

Again, your policies just don't go far enough. If a man breaks into my home, rapes and murders, I won't turn around and give him a free bus ride home.

If rapes, murders and other crimes have been committed, where's the justice without prosecution? Send criminals to prison, not home. If someone's committed a crime, let them do the time before they are deported.

The bigger problem is the businesses that continue to break the law hiring illegals. How will you deal with them? Tyson Foods was fined by the Justice Dept. because they were caught sending their managers into Mexico to hire illegals for their meat packaging plants.

Take away the cheap labor and watch the stock market crash. These companies are all insanely profitable, but what do you suppose will happen when you start to mess with their bottom line?

Will you hold the companies that break the law accountable for hiring illegals? And if not, your plan has a very big hole in it and is doomed from the start. Because what's to stop companies from keeping that back door open?

Your policies are a joke. And this country can't afford another assclown in the White House.

No one I know will vote for your opponent because she's a corporate whore. We all know she's in bed with the corporations and Wall Street bankers. So winning in November should be a piece of cake for you. I wish you luck on your whole election thingy.

Law enforcement is praying for you as well, Mr. Trump. They long for a federal government that will back them up. And not a Justice Dept. hanging over their shoulder second guessing every police killing. It's high time to trust our men and women in blue to do their jobs. Take off the kid gloves and give them free rein.

I think my best advice to you would be during the debates to go Hannibal Lector on Hillary. You remember, 'Silence of the Lambs', right? Ask her about Chelsea, maybe she'll come unglued, in front of everyone. That'll be a real Kodak moment, huh?

Fair warning, 'the people', remember them? I think that they have lost their patience. From now on, do an honest job, or 'we the people' will start arresting corrupt politicians and holding them to the same laws and standards as everyone else. Be warned.

Americans won't be duped by false hope ever again. If America is ever to be great again, it will be because of the American people, white, black, brown and yellow. Not because of some slick talking salesman turned politician.

Read more: DOJ

I'd like to be able to vote for someone this election. And I'm writing to you now in the hope that 1.) you'll get serious, stop acting like 'Side-show Bob' and more presidential 2.) come up with more effective solutions to Americas problems and threats, 3.) and lastly stop trying to fill John Wayne's shoes. My grandfather took me to meet John Wayne, and I can tell you sir, that you are no John Wayne.

Mr. Trump, if you can't shape up by November, I won't be voting. And that's a damn dirty shame. But don't blame me for the mess that we are in now, I voted for Ross Perot.

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